Home Supplies Every New Homeowner Should Be Equipped With

We all want to move into a house that’s already set up and decorated in our preferred style. But moving in and having all of the furniture, appliances and bedding ready doesn’t make the house complete. The key is in the details. Things you didn’t give much thought to. An organized and adequately stocked house will provide you with peace of mind and make your everyday living that much easier.

Hardware Tools

After you complete all the decorating and moving in, you inherit all the maintenance for the house. Having a few essential tools is important to keep the house in place. Go to the local hardware store or online to purchase high-quality tools, because as people say, ‘nothing is more expensive than a cheap tool’.

Claw Hammer

Claw hammers have been used for a long time, mainly for everyday and construction projects. This tool can be between 200g and 1kg in weight, depending on the materials it’s built from. One side of the hammerhead is flat and is used to pound nails into wood, and the other side is V-shaped and used to extract nails from surfaces. A good claw hammer should resist weather conditions and reduce the vibration when hitting with it.

hardware tools
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Manual Screwdriver

This is probably the most used tool in the house. It can be suitable for assembling furniture or tightening the cabinet handles; it’s a multi-purpose tool that varies in size and materials. The shank is made of rugged steel, and the handle can be wood, metal or plastic. A standard screwdriver will do for standard screws with a straight slot cut across the head. For the cross-shaped slots, there is a special cross-shaped sharp screwdriver.


There are two types of drills: corded and cordless. The first type is for larger jobs and is connected to an outlet, and the second type is for some light fixing and work, and you can walk around and move without a cord. Be careful when using this tool – make sure to. Hearing and eye protection is a must. Most of them come with a set of different size drills. Whether you’re mounting a flat-screen TV, tightening hinges or putting up some artwork, this tool will help you and make your job easier.

Allen/Hex Keys

This is a set of different-sized wrenches used for hexagonal screws. They can be used for assembling furniture, fixing the bike, plumbing problems, or even with some electronics.

Staple Gun

Staple guns are handy for upholstery, such as securing a carpet or fabrics, woodwork, furniture building and fastening roofing materials. It’s a perfect tool for quick fastening work. It fires staples and secures the surface below. Mainly there are manual, pneumatic and electric versions, with individual usage guides.

Waste Bins

Spacious and quality waste bins are important for keeping your home clean, organized and odour-free. Getting their size and placement right can be tricky and requires considering a few factors, such as the number of family members, size of the space and volume of garbage. Choosing a waste bin made of sturdy and recyclable materials will be a wise investment in the long run. 

Indoor Waste Bins

Indoor bins are mostly made of steel and similar materials. They’re light and easily accessible. If your family produces a lot of waste, buy bigger bins and place them in multiple rooms around the house. Because one of the primary purposes of bins is to reduce odour and keep insects away, always get the ones with a lid. This way, the smell is minimal, if any, and no flies will circle it. Our advice is to put double bags in the bin to prevent making a mess or leakage happen.

indoor waste bin
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Outdoor Waste Bins

When choosing a bin for outdoor usage, make sure it’s animal resistant. Many animals like racoons, bears, and squirrels tend to open them up in search of food and make a mess. There are specially designed bins for this if animals frequently visit you. Garbage volume is important. If you notice that waste is growing, buy some new bins, don’t overflow or try to squeeze everything into one bin. 

However, make sure your outdoor waste bins meet the guidelines of your garbage haulier. The lid on the bins should be firm and tightly closed so the wind can’t flip it open and the garbage stays inside if it falls on the ground. You will make your job easier if your outdoor bins have handles and wheels for better handling and transport.

Torches and Flashlights

We’ve all faced power outages at one point in our life, and then we see the need for torches and flashlights. No one wants to sit in the dark while the problem is being solved, and these light sources help us navigate through the house and find everything we need. They come in different sizes and with multiple lighting options. Some even have an SOS signalling button to save you if you get in any trouble.

Going up in the dark attic won’t be a scary task anymore. From picking up tools from your storage shed to finding the right electrical circuit and everything in between. Torches and flashlights are a must-have.

First-Aid Kit

First-aid kits can be a lifesaver in some situations. Organizing and stocking them properly will give you peace of mind if you have a medical emergency at home. They come in various sizes and combinations for different usages, home, camping, boats, babies, cars etc. When buying one for home, think about how many family members there are, their age and their proneness to injury. Always keep it in a dry, safe, and easily accessible place, and everyone in the family should know where it is. If you use any of the supplies inside, replace them as soon as possible and check if some of the items inside have an expiry date. In order to know how to use it, a good thing would be to take a first-aid course.


home ladder
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It can be very convenient to have a ladder at home. You can use it to change a lightbulb, grab something from the higher cabinets, clean the windows, reach the attic and paint the walls; many are its purposes. Four popular materials are used to make ladders: wood, aluminium, fibreglass, and steel. Wood is the most common and most popular. It’s quite sturdy, safe and has a long lifespan. The only downside is that it’s prone to rot and warp. Aluminium ladders are light and easier to handle. Their durability and weather resistance makes them perfect for quick DIY indoor and outdoor usage. 

Fibreglass ladders are relatively new and are considered to be the safest. They are strong and don’t bend in hot temperatures or heavyweight. But on the other hand, they can be heavy and more expensive than the rest. And finally, steel ladders. They’re the most durable and suitable for heavy-duty projects, but the bad thing is their ability to conduct heat and electricity. So, when you buy the ladder for your home, think about its material, size, height and usage to make the best choice.

In Summary 

When the lights are out, the faucet is loose, or the kid has a scraped knee, you’ll realize that all of the things you thought were unnecessary are maybe one of the best investments you’ve ever made. And if their job is to make your life easier, why not have them in your home?

Author: Christina Stone

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