Always on Vacation: How to Create a Hamptons-Style Backyard

When it comes to infusing your garden with a timeless and welcoming ambience, the Hamptons style has charmed many Australians in recent years. Perfect landscaping, wicker furniture, and neutrals are all utilized to create an unmistakable appeal that combines elegance and simplicity, making it an attractive option for both large and small outdoor spaces.

So, whether you want to elevate the appearance of your garden or start from scratch, these “always on vacation”-inspired décor ideas are hard to beat. For those who are new to the game and don’t know where to start, the following guidelines might give you a hand in creating your next-level Hamptons-inspired backyard.

Splurge on the Furniture

patio with Hamptons-style outdoor furniture in white and blue colors

Take your Hamptons-inspired garden decor game to the next level with elegant and durable Hamptons-style outdoor furniture that is long-lasting enough to withstand everyday wear and tear. Besides creating an ideal spot for unwinding and relaxing after a long day at work, furniture can serve as a focal point, especially when designing a Hamptons-inspired patio or backyard.

Given the rising popularity of the style, there is now a vast array of Hampton’s outdoor furniture to suit everyone’s needs. When narrowing down your choices, one of the most versatile and common options you will come across is wicker furniture. For instance, you can choose a wicker lounge and pair it with a coffee table made from the same material for added elegance and comfort. The material is weather-proof and made of premium synthetic weave.

Another great Hampton outdoor furniture option is aluminium. The material is designed to withstand harsh Australian weather conditions. When on the hunt for the best choice available, go for the one that features a bamboo design, as it will add a modern resort feel to your outdoor space. It also offers a refreshing touch of class, whether it is on a deck or in the backyard. Its exquisite design not only looks gorgeous against a wall but also in the middle of a patio.

Seater sofas, occasional chairs, coffee or side tables—everything that works for your space is acceptable. Adirondack chairs are also synonymous with Hampton’s style, and they can be mixed and matched with a wide range of soft finishes and lovely weathered timber or natural stone tables.

In terms of colours, it’s again up to your preferences and what will work with your décor. However, traditional Hamptons-style outdoor furniture usually comes in white or navy blue or combines both.

Use Landscape for Perfect Layering

A Hamptons-inspired garden features lovely big, wide decks with white rails, trimmed by lush green border hedging to add functionality to a timeless Hamptons garden design. The use of pavers and formal spaces also creates functional entertaining areas. Ball-shaped bushes or hydrangeas in large pots work incredibly well. Long lengths of open pergolas or arbours covered in climbing roses are also an attractive addition.

In conclusion, what you choose for a Hamptons-style garden will be determined by where you live in Australia. While hedges and mass plantings of blooming shrubs such as hydrangea and gardenias are popular in Hamptons-style gardens, deciduous trees such as birch, myrtle, and pear trees can offer interest and height. Evergreen trees such as pine, magnolia ‘little gem,’ and olive trees are durable in coastal regions and complement the classic Hampton’s colours of grey, cream, blue, purple, and white.

The Lighting Does Matter

Putting lights all over the yard transforms it into a wonderful and appealing area, even at night. With a lovely lighting scheme, you might spend more time outside in the evenings. This could incorporate lighting for trees, walkways, and swimming pools; water feature lights; as well as lighting for your patio and home’s exterior. You can hire an expert to design a lighting plan that will activate when you flick a switch. You can start with a few solar lights and gradually increase the number over time.

Go the Extra Mile with the Pool

outdoor view of a home with a pool in the garden

Pools are the centrepiece of Hampton’s gardens, often surrounded by lush green turf. Sun loungers and sun umbrellas, typical of a resort, create a realistic vacation experience. Surrounding the pool with exquisite traditional garden components gives the image of a grand state, even in a more suburban location.

In terms of size, we’ve all seen these incredible, huge Hamptons gardens with stunning rectangular pools surrounded by open lawns and complementing flora. The pool barrier is the most jarring visual difference between what we see there and what we see in Australia. Because of the tight pool safety requirements in Australia (essential and beneficial in terms of safety), it frequently destroys the beauty of the pool because it hugs it and forms a dividing barrier between the spaces.

Author: Christina Stone

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