Romantic Ideas on How to Decorate Your Wedding with Candles

Candlelight creates a particular kind of romantic attraction that gives all aspects of a wedding a tangible and symbolic glow. Candles lend your wedding a classic air of elegance, whether you use them as centrepieces for your reception tables or prefer to use giant votive candles outside.

Unquestionably beautiful in person and on screen, the amber glow generated by all those dancing flames gives off an atmosphere like no other and looks stunning in pictures. Here are some of the most romantic ideas to decorate your entire wedding with candles.

Tea Lights Everywhere

Because of their small size, low flame, and the fact you can place them in almost any place, many people adore tealights as an essential part of wedding decor. These small candles come in a metal container, making them self-contained, but there are also dedicated tealight holders to pump up the presentation. Since you may discard tealights when they burn out, they are easier to clean up than votives.

tea light candles

If you’re into wedding centrepieces, you’ve undoubtedly already discovered that tealight candles are a wonderful accent. Tealight candles are wonderful accents because they are inexpensive, have a long burn period, and look lovely arranged in and around your centrepiece arrangement. Nothing compares to the soft glow of candles on dining tables during a leisurely meal!

However, you’ve probably also realised you’ll need many tealights to get the desired effect. That’s why it’s best to bulk-buy tea lights to make a great deal. Look for a pack containing at least 200 tealights with at least five hours of burning time. Besides the traditional white, there are other bulk-buy tea lights colour options, such as red, royal blue and green, which are great if you’re looking for a way to infuse colour into the decor.

How do you use candles at a wedding reception? Here are some creative ideas:

Hang Tea Candles from Trees

You can cover your tables with a blue tablecloth, add unique homewares and glassware, a centre tree, and hanging candles. Along with a tree growing in the centre of the table, surrounded by ferns and flowers, use taller standing column candles in addition to tea candles hanging in tiny glass circles.

Deck Out Dessert

You can transform a table into one of the most adorable dessert displays with mini tea light candles. Opt for tiny candles in mismatched glassware to accent a stunning white wedding cake.

Use Decorative Tealight Holders

Paper lantern bags are a fantastic option for lining paths outside your ceremony or reception after dark. Use tealight candles in white heart paper bag lanterns for a unique appearance. Choose wooden tealight candle holders to give your tables a rustic feel. You can place tealights or small votive candles in textured glasses and set them out among the bouquets on dinner tables. The glowing effect is stunning.

Create Candle Centrepieces to Light Up Your Reception

Candle wedding centrepieces have a special allure. Although they are timeless and traditional, they are simple to update to meet any wedding taste. The proper candles improve the overall look of your tables, from pillars and taper to votives and tea lights (in all sizes and colours!).


For instance, a candelabra gives off a historic vibe, whereas an abstract vase is, by definition, futuristic. If you pick fragranced candles, they can also add a distinctive scent to your reception, which your guests will undoubtedly appreciate. In the end, a candle’s centrepiece can create a calm atmosphere through aroma or appearance.

Candles don’t necessarily have to be extravagant or even the centre of attention on your tabletop to make a statement. Floating candles placed in, above, and around the flower and greenery-filled arrangements can have a significant impact as a modest component of an immense, more elaborate display, enhancing the overall romantic atmosphere of the celebration.

Here are some of our favourite candle centrepiece designs, from arrangements that incorporate one or two candles to displays that are all about this alternative lighting option, to help you make this wedding trend your own. You can never go wrong with a candle centrepiece, no matter the theme or style of your event.

Shape Combinations

Unexpected design combinations can add character to a table setting. You can showcase this by inserting spherical taupe pillars into a cube display case and keep the coherent look by sticking to a simple pastel colour scheme.

Sand Crafts

If you choose a beach theme for your wedding or you’re getting married at the beach, place candles in transparent containers filled with sand to emphasise the beachy setting of your gathering.

Glass Figures

Make sure your tall centrepieces don’t block your guests’ views if you want to add an attractive touch to your table setting. Place small candles inside long, translucent displays to encourage attendees to engage in open conversation. It’s all in the details.

Include Metallic Elements

We have an obsession with stylish little vessels. Combine and match metallic containers (each filled with a votive candle or tea light) to make a straightforward yet stylish display on the cake table. Any centrepiece may seem regal and elegant with the addition of gold candlesticks. By using the same metallic colour throughout, you may give the vessels a variety of looks.

metal votive candle holders

Height Illusion

Long banquet tables can look unbalanced, so choose striking centrepieces that stand tall and attract attention upward. Use gold candelabras to create this deception. When you spend months creating the ideal tablescape, blending in candles of various heights is the finest way to showcase your craftsmanship. These small votives and tall, black candles go together beautifully.

Author: Christina Stone

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