Where Cozy Meets Cute: Comfortable Clothing (Not Pyjamas) to Lounge in at Home

You may have noticed that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a change in the fashion industry, where comfort rules at a time when staying at home is encouraged. With more people spending time at home due to either lockdown restrictions, self-isolation or new working from home conditions, the pressures of looking stylish and smart all of the time is no longer necessary.

However, comfortable clothing doesn’t always have to mean pyjamas. Here is what you can wear at home to ensure you stay comfortable without looking like you just came out of bed.

Ensure Ultimate Comfort With Loungewear

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Have you heard about loungewear? It’s the new norm of comfortable clothing. The styles check all the boxes of comfort clothing like practical silhouettes, breathable fabrics that are easy to wear. These pieces are also very appealing with striking ethnic prints, vibrant colours and innovative and on-trend details. Simple and flexible in nature, they make it easy for you to take on your meetings in the mornings and casually step out for a walk in the evening.

The style falls somewhere between athleisure and sleepwear and is meant to be the middle ground we often seek to escape tightly fitting clothes such as jeans and what you would go to bed in. It also leans towards a neutral palette and modal or cotton blends. Loungewear sets are trendy now but you can also coordinate separates, which will give you a solid foundation to mix and match your perfect loungewear combination. For example, you can combine a cashmere sweater with pants, or a sweatshirt, and even a jeans jacket would go well.

Keep Your Feet Warm With Wool Felted Slippers

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Felted wool slippers are another popular item in the latest fashion industry’s tendencies for eco-friendliness, comfort and alternative materials. And that is for some great reasons. Much like sheepskin, felted wool can be worn any season. Thanks to its natural insulating properties, wool felt has the ability to keep your feet cool during the heat of summer, and warm during winter. Felted wool is also considered an anti-microbial fabric that prevents moisture from accumulating and bacteria to spread. This means you can wear your wool felted slippers the whole day and your feet will stay dry, and not smelly. The perfect win-win situation.

Aside from feeling good, felted wool also benefits your feet health. Felted wool is considered hypoallergenic in nature, implying that few people can experience an allergic reaction to the fabric. Its non-abrasive nature makes it an optimal choice for those who have sensitive skin. Often seen as a too simple natural fabric, know that the natural look of this fabric looks very luxurious in comparison to many other types of slippers and house shoes. And unlike many flimsy and shape-shifting sleepers, felted wool is sturdy and keeps its structure without compromising its softness and comfort.

Furthermore, unlike synthetic material-based house shoes or slippers, wool felted slippers is an option that doesn’t hurt the environment. Unlike sheepskin, felted wool doesn’t cause harm to the animal. Plus, sheep fleeces are cut during the spring so the sheep stay cooler during warm months. The construction of the sleepers involves minimum processing without artificial colours or dyes. 100% bio-degradable, at the end of the use, you can even bury the sleepers in the garden and the wool fibres will disintegrate completely. As you can see, a pair of felted slippers are an investment that will keep your feet comfortable, healthy and happy – a win-win situation.

Grab a Robe on Lazy Days

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During this time when we aren’t going much out, the robe provides a comfortable easy outfit without getting fully dressed. The truth is, some days we don’t even feel like putting on our most comfortable clothes, and this is when the non-committal bathrobe saves the day.

Bath robes come in a variety of different materials, each providing something unique to the wearer. What’s more, cotton bath robes are soft and breathable, so they feel cozy to your skin. Terry cloth is a luxury version of cotton robes. It is a high-quality cotton that is woven into loops. This makes it highly absorbent and warm. Terry cloth robes are much more absorbent than cotton robes and are great for drying off after a shower.

For a robe that feels smooth and luxurious on the skin, go for silk. Even though these robes aren’t warm or absorbent, they are a great option to wear in the summer months, around the house. Similar to silk, satin is a smooth, lightweight and elegant fabric. Satin robes are also great for wearing around the house and are more affordable than silk robes.

Fleece bath robes are warm, lightweight and quick-drying. They are also plush and soft – you’ll feel like being wrapped up in a comfy blanket. Chenille robes are another plush option that is also warm, durable, inexpensive but lacks absorbency. To find a quality robe to fit your budget, pay attention to quality and how the robe feels on your skin.

You’ll certainly enjoy waking up to your favourite cup of coffee snuggled in your robe. No matter what kind of material you choose, you won’t have to contemplate which outfit to wear after you wake up. If you like having breakfast before getting into the shower, or prefer munching on your cereal after a warm bath, a robe will be your ideal morning buddy.

Author: Michael Hobbs

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