The Importance of Using a Laser Level When Installing Kitchen Cabinets

One of the things that many people do not pay much attention to when installing their kitchen cabinets is that they are installed level. This is an important detail to bear in mind because if not level, they could ruin the aesthetics of your kitchen and their doors won’t open easily. Spending days planning the layout, the colour and the design of your kitchen would be all in vain if at the end you notice your cabinets are wrongly installed. Trust me, nothing is more annoying than that.

However, in the modern world of today when there is a wide range of tools that can be used to improve the quality of our everyday life, you do not have to worry about this ugly scenario happening to you. In this case, a laser level is all you need to make this tedious process of cabinet installation much simpler and faster.

Laser Level

Start with measuring the mark as this is the most important step in installing cabinets. You will mess up the entire task if you get this wrong. Measure the height of the cabinets that you plan on installing. Then, mount the laser level on the tripod a couple of inches away from the wall on which you plan to install the cabinets.

After that, set the pre-determined height in the tripod and turn the laser level on. After this you will spot that the device projects a laser beam which creates a virtual chalk line on the wall. Although there is basically no need to draw a line, feel free to use markings if you feel more comfortable that way, using the laser beam as a reference. Buying the best laser level for this purpose will save you much time and nerves.

After you have equipped yourself with a quality laser level, use the stud finder to find the studs. These are very important because they support the whole weight of the cabinet. Also, make sure to pay much attention to the placement of the plumbing and electricity wires.

The next step is mounting the ledger board on the wall on the studs that are marked out. The purpose of this board is temporarily supporting the weight of the cabinets during the process of installation and it needs to be placed just below the base of the cabinets that will be installed. In order to make the cabinets easier to handle and more lightweight, remove the doors and the hardware beforehand.

Author: Michael Hobbs

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