Embracing a Greener Lifestyle: A Few Small Changes That Can Make a Huge Difference


As scientists and environmentalists constantly remind us that climate change is real and that it affects us all, more and more people are waking up from the deep slumber of ignorance and indifference and are starting to live a greener life. Human beings have used and abused Mother Earth for far too long. Now is the time to show our home planet that we do care for the life she nurtures and supports by embracing a greener lifestyle. Don’t worry, you don’t have to change all of your harmful habits overnight to make a difference. Small steps matter as well, especially when taken every day.

If you want to start your green journey as soon as possible, but you’re not completely sure where to begin – worry not. I’ve prepared a list of three eco friendly actions and choices you can make when it comes to your and your family’s everyday life.

Switch to Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Saving energy is the first thing that pops in most people’s minds when the subject of living green comes up, and for good reason. Conserving energy in your home is one of the most effective ways to reduce your carbon footprint. By installing eco friendly light bulbs in your residence (such as compact fluorescent lights and light-emitting diode bulbs) you will not only cut down on your carbon emissions, but you will also save money. It’s a win win situation for both you and the environment.


Save Water

I’m sure you’re aware of the fact that every drop of tap water you drink has previously been transported, filtered, and purified. This process consumes a lot of fossil fuel, which is why it’s important to conserve as much water as you can. Turning the tap off every time you brush your teeth and collecting rainwater for your plants’ needs are two of the easiest eco friendly actions you can take.

Shop Smart

Since most of us can’t live a decent life without buying certain necessary items every day or week (depending on the person’s shopping habits), it’s extremely important to make smart and green shopping decisions. Today, there are many quality and affordable food products labelled as green or environmentally friendly, which makes living a green life quite easy. However, you shouldn’t stop here. You will help Mother Nature greatly if you also opt for eco friendly clothes and bedclothes. Most eco friendly bed sheets, blankets, pillow cases, T-shirts, and socks are super comfortable and soft as they are usually made of cotton or bamboo. Yes, eco friendly bed sheets made entirely from organic bamboo fabric do exist and they feel like heaven.

Buying a hybrid car is another great green choice you can make, for hybrid vehicles conserve fuel and produce less CO2 emissions.

Author: Christina Stone

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