Western Wardrobe Staples Every Urban Cowboy Needs

As the Western style has become increasingly popular in the last few years, these days, trend hunters seem to be expanding their wardrobe with fringe, embroidery, or denim garments that are everything but boring. However, this doesn’t imply that you should be dressing like Woody from Toy Story going to a five-year-old birthday party or getting ready for some upcoming buffalo chase.

That’s why it is important to invest in the right Western-inspired pieces and combine them in the right way. To help you put together an outfit we have compiled a list of some of the key pieces every country lady and gentleman should don in the big city.

Cowboy Pants

cowboy pants
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Whether they are straight-leg or boot-cut, make sure you shop for high-quality men’s cowboy pants that are easy to style and comfortable to wear. Given their versatility and appeal pants for cowboys are these days available in a wide range of cuts, designs, washes, and colours.

However, when on the hunt for the perfect pair, it’s important to find the right fit that goes best with your cowboy boots. In this regard, the pants should be long enough to cover the shaft of the boots and shield your legs from harm, but not so long to drag behind or become tangled under your heel. Ideally, they should rest just above the heel of your cowboy boots by a quarter to a half inch. But if you want to show off your footwear pick a shorter length but not too short so that the hem of your buttons can sit directly above the instep of your cowboy boots.

Also, we recommend wearing medium- to dark-wash men’s western pants that aren’t tucked in. Although the lower leg should have some room to support the boot without showing through, the upper legs of the pants should be very form-fitting. Khaki or sand colours are equally good colour options. After all, choose a colour that best goes with the rest of your wardrobe.

On the other hand, you can’t really don the urban cowboy style without the good old western-inspired jeans. In terms of style, the most common cowboy jeans are boot-cut, regular, or straight-leg and have a relaxed fit.

Cowboy boots and boot-cut jeans complement each other like peanut butter and jelly. Boots can be worn with flared legs without them bunching up around your legs. Both regular and straight-leg jeans also pair well with cowboy boots but getting your boots on might be a challenge because you have to roll up your jeans first and then roll the boots back over them. Last but not least, you can pair wide, relaxed-fit jeans with cowboy boots, but you might want to think about getting a shorter inseam to make up for the added bagginess.

The Western Jacket

There is no point in getting a pair of good men’s cowboy pants without having at least one western jacket to combine them with. Fringe, embroidered, or denim, the Western jacket is a lifetime staple everyone should have in their stylish country wardrobe.

To maximise the effect and make a statement, go for a snakeskin jacket instead of a regular one. Just remember to pair it with an all-black outfit so the jacket can take centre stage while adding some attitude to the outfit.

A desert suede jacket, which resembles the deerskin that cowboys and Native Americans would have used to manufacture their jackets, is another terrific option. These jackets’ fringes made it simpler for them to dry out after being wet.

Today, however, as long as they are reasonable, fringes are still wearable. Trim the jacket just above the waist for a more contemporary look, and make sure it cinches at the waist.

Not to mention that a denim jacket with a comparable fit is an equally great option for incorporating the Western trend into your look. Even though it was initially developed by Levi Strauss to provide Western labourers with clothing that could endure the kind of work they were doing, today, Wrangler also makes good denim jackets for trendsetters who love rocking the cowboy style.

Yoke Shirts

yoke shirt
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The so-called yoke shirt is one of the most recognisable Western-inspired pieces of clothing. The yoke’s original purpose was to support the looser areas of the shirt across the chest and shoulders, however, it later developed into a more decorated element to help riders stand out during rodeo cattle herding competitions.

If you love wearing embroidered western shirts, then the yoke shirt is the right pick for you. Just choose a subdued washed-in colour like dingy blue, sea green, or rust to keep the look more fashion-forward. Contrast piping will look wonderful if your shirt has embroidery but avoid fringing because it would be overbearing. Maintain a snug fit for a flattering appearance.

Cowboy Boots

The outdated Spurs may be helpful if you’re trying to get the newest Supreme release before everyone else, but otherwise, they’re just not practical in today’s society. Modern cowboy boots have a tall shaft that reaches halfway up your calf, a stacked heel, and a pointed, round toe. However, good luck trying to blend in while wearing them over the top because the high shaft tends to substantially alter the silhouette of your pants when worn underneath.

The cowboy boots that are currently in trend are shaped more like Chelsea boots than traditional cowboy boots, but they have a higher heel and no pointed toe. Select dusty brown or perhaps some hazardous snakeskin shoes to closely match the men’s country trend. Brown cowboy boots complement denim wonderfully and will look even better with use. Wear straight-leg denim with turn-ups that are cut looser than you would normally wear to show off those boots.

Western-Inspired Accessories

western accessories
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Giving your outfit a Western flair is as easy as adding a necktie in the appropriate style or a belt with a large buckle made of tooled leather. If you have the confidence to pull it off, a string tie will look great, but a Stetson is too dressy to wear regularly.

Play with the contrasts here. A red bandana can provide a shocking splash of colour to an all-black outfit, while a blue one will look excellent next to a white denim jacket. And try not to put it on your head; 2Pac, not John Wayne, did that.

Author: Michael Hobbs

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