It’s All About You and the Interior In Your Home

Interior design. Two beautiful words that hurt our wallets a lot. Owning a high-end home is one of those life accomplishments that’s on the top of nearly everyone’s bucket list, but it’s also one of the most expensive and most important investments you’ll make in your life. I’m sure you’ve heard it elsewhere, but it’s always good to say it again: the road to purchasing your dream home is full of obstacles, argues and lots of visits to the bank, but in the end all of this will be wiped away when you open the front door and enter into your new perfectly designed life-space. During your “finding the perfect dream home” journey, you’ve probably stumbled upon many incredible furniture pieces and houses that gave you butterflies in the stomach and cravings for that polka dot sofa or those vintage looking chairs. That’s why most of the time we forget we’re designing our living space, the place where we get to be our purest selves, and that the first and most important purpose of it is to be comfortable. Every piece of furniture and every single detail should enhance the sense of sweet familiarity and warmth. Now, we’re not saying aesthetics doesn’t matter, but comfort should always come first.


A significant part of comfort is the texture that predominates in your home. Before buying anything, you should think about whether you’re more comfortable with wooden or metal chairs, fluffy or smooth carpets, silky curtains or aluminum roller blinds. Anything you choose can be adapted to look aesthetically good, but not anything you choose can be adapted to your needs and wishes. That’s why you should surround yourself with things you like to touch and things that make you feel good, relaxed and simply satisfied. We won’t tell you buying a metal bed will be the perfect choice for your bedroom if you’re actually all about the smell of fresh, old wood. This means that the proper use of texture and fabric should provide you with the much wanted sense of coziness at your own home.


It’s no longer a secret that light has a serious impact on your decision making, your mood and your emotions. On the way to purchasing your dream home, you should think about how much and what kind of light you’re letting inside your rooms. All interior lights, be it from floor lamps, night lamps or chandeliers, should make your place more inviting. This is the magic and the diversity of interior lights: they are helping you light up your rooms at night and make you feel the comfort and the beauty of your own home. However, keep in mind that every room needs a different intensity of lightning, so think about the ambient you want to achieve and grab those lights to sparkle up your night.

We often neglect our needs and rely on what looks best for the eye and that’s when most of the mistakes in interior design appear. Having a non comfortable home is like having no home at all. Take your time to create a budget for each section of your home because everyone deserves to find their dream home. There’s no reason to prolong turning your dream into reality, so go out there and find that nook that will give you goosebumps at first look.

Author: Christina Stone

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