Add Ambiance and Charm to Your Outdoor Space

I won’t nag you with spring cleaning because the euphoria we all feel as warmer days lure us out of our homes is just too good of a feeling to spoil. Instead, let’s talk about how are we going to welcome this year’s spring; Mexican style? Boho maybe? Or classic? I am talking about the outdoor space of our homes – the backyards, the patios, the balconies – all the places where you can simply put a chair, sit on it and soak up the sun! Just like we love gathering around the fireplace in winter with a glass of red, in spring and summer we like to make ourselves comfortable in soft and fluffy cushions and mattresses outside, breathing the fresh air and tanning.

Outdoor furniture cushions

So, let’s make this spring about decorating the outdoor space we’re going to welcome it in. Whether you have an existing outdoor seating set, are looking to buy new one, or maybe decided to be all creative and make it yourself, this decision is all yours. Whatever you choose, your next step will be the same: decorating it. In this post, I’m going to concentrate on 3 pieces that made my outdoor space so inviting that now I constantly have guests and friends coming over for drinks!

All kinds of colourful pillows

I can’t stress how important colours are for the entire ambiance of a space. For instance, if you have your entire outdoor space covered with brownish muddy nuances on the seating set and the decorations, you’re not welcoming spring, you’re inviting bad spirits in! OK, not to exaggerate, but you get the point. So, beautify your seating set – it doesn’t matter whether it consists of sofas, DIY seating or just a coffee table and chairs, with details like colourful outdoor furniture cushions in all shapes and sizes, you will bring the ambiance to a different level. If you already have them, take them out. If not, search through shops or online retailers – the offer is wide. And if you’re not into buying, steal an idea and do it yourself – you’ll have fun.

Dictate the style of the space with a rug

My mum bought new rugs for her living and dining rooms and got rid of the old, vintage style rugs. These are high-quality rugs, but completely worn out, which means they no longer can be used indoors. Instead of throwing them away, I used them for my patio; they instantly made the space look like I was back in old age Turkey, with all the artistic designs, full of patterns (the rugs are bought in Turkey where my parents went on vacation ). If it fits your idea, use old stuff – refresh them, redesign them and give them a completely new life – because why not?

Cool planters with lovely flowers

It doesn’t feel like spring without flowers, so get plenty of them. Whether you go with bushy ones, or little pieces of heaven in colour – it’s totally up to you. You’d take care of them and in return they’ll beautify your place with their divine beauty. Plus, plants have very strong colour and are a symbol of nature and purity, so they can really work as a wonderful style element, especially in a combination with your colourful outdoor furniture cushions on a beige seating sofa or on iron chairs.

Author: Christina Stone

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