Ways to Create a Super Stylish TV Area

Even though the busy life we lead doesn’t grant us much free time to watch TV like in the past, still, during the weekend we do appreciate sitting in front of the TV to watch a movie, some show or a documentary. So, aside from the busy every day, seeing a living room without a TV isn’t that common. When it comes to its placement, there are a lot of things that you can do on that TV wall aside from just placing the TV, so if you’re a design addict like many of us these days, decorating the TV wall area and making it as appealing as possible is the right thing to do.

Do Something About That Old TV Stand

entertainment TV unit

If you have a TV stand that’s quite small or somehow outdated, now is the right time to change it. Instead of a TV stand, this time go big and invest in a stylish and convenient entertainment TV unit (if the space allows it of course). The truth is that an entertainment TV unit is quite different from a TV stand, but do you know what is the difference between a TV stand and an entertainment unit?

Well, entertainment units also known as media centres are larger than TV stands and they offer ample space for placing many other things than just the TV. They are perfect for adding any other kind of media or sound products as well as some decorative items to make the whole area more appealing and stylish.

Generally speaking, these units have a rectangular or square-shaped enclosure that is designed to hold the TV, just keep in mind that there’s enough free space around the device for ample ventilation. Another thing to have in mind before buying the unit is checking if there are any holes or ports for the electronic cords and wires.

You should also take into account the entertainment TV unit’s material. Those of you who are looking for a stylish, durable, functional and refined TV entertainment unit, should choose wood, metal or a combination of both for a more high-end look. Depending on your taste, your budget and your home décor, you can choose between oak, cherry, timber, mango wood and walnut wood.

When it comes to metal, quite often manufacturers decide to use stainless steel or aluminium tubing with chrome plating or powder coating. The last but not least thing to have in mind is the TV unit’s style. That being said, you can choose from different types of models like stand-alone, corner and hutch styles, but you should carefully review them in order to make the right choice.

Create an Art Gallery Around the Wall

According to interior designers, stand-alone TV units allow for decorating the wall behind the designated area to elevate the look of the living room even more. They say that a gallery wall above and around a TV is a perfect way to make it blend seamlessly in your living room. Whether you’re into more abstract, animal, landscape, eclectic or casual art, nowadays you can find literally whatever you want. You can either hang one larger piece surrounded by several small or you can add different sizes of art to create a better effect.

A gallery wall of this kind will help you to tie in colours and textures throughout the room. While the art style, type and its colours matter, don’t forget about the frame’s material, style and colour. The frames can literally make or break the look of your room so it’s of vital importance for you to pick the right ones. If not sure what and how to choose, make sure to browse online and get information about how to pair different types of art in your home.

Add Wallpaper

TV unit with wallpaper behind
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If you’re not into art or you think that you won’t be able to find the right match, you can always rely on the use of wallpapers. A wallpaper behind the TV area can add a lot of personality to your living room, especially because it’s used only on one wall. When in the search for one, you’ll want to carefully consider all of the types and models available on the market since not all of them can match your living area.

That being said, you should choose a material that’s easy to maintain and install, but more importantly, you should choose a wallpaper that contains the right colours and patterns for your living room. In other words, the chosen one should match the surrounding area and highlight its look even more. Aside from some basic types of wallpaper, like botanical and abstract, for a greater effect you can choose from the ones that mimic wood or stone.

Use Backlight

If your TV doesn’t come with a built-in backlight, then you can always add a light strip behind it to add warmth and immersive effect. You can either choose a light strip in one colour or you can opt for one that switches colours to match the mood of the movie or show.

Author: Christina Stone

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