Adjustable Stand Up Desk Converter: A Smart Ergonomic Workspace Solution

Without a doubt working in an office is less strenuous than doing some manual labour job like construction. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its own disadvantages. Sitting on a chair in the same position, for 8 hours every single day can become disastrous to your health. Luckily, modern offices have started to become aware of the many benefits of ergonomic furniture. For one, a healthy and comfortable working environment results in healthy and happier workers. And a healthy and happy worker is one that’s motivated to be more productive.

stand up desk converter

When you think about ergonomic office furniture, the first thing that comes to mind is the chair. In the workplace, the chair is basically an extension of the worker and the number one cause for back pain. But even if you had the most ergonomic chair, you’ll still be sitting for the better part of the day, and any kind of sitting results in a number of health issues such as weight gain and reduced blood circulation. Standing and moving around more instead of sitting can improve your posture, get blood flowing to your legs, activate core muscles which burns more calories, and get you super energized.

However, regularly ditching your desk and talking a walk around the office can decrease the amount of work you get done. Before you get disheartened, there is a solution! With a special desk converter you can switch to a standing desk without having to throw away your current one. An adjustable stand up desk converter can be conveniently placed on your existing desk and raise your workspace with minimum effort. It provides enough space for the monitor, keyboard and mouse, but it does not hog the rest of your work place.

Thanks to a pneumatic spring mechanism, an adjustable stand up desk converter is easy to raise or lower according to your preferences. You can change your position to standing as easy as pushing a button, and when you’re ready to sit down you can simply press down the surface for it to lower. This allows you to switch between sitting and standing easy and quick and find your ideal working position.

Employees who don’t have the freedom to get away from their desks every hour benefit the most out of an adjustable stand up desk converter. This way they can take a break from sitting without having to leave their workstations. And when they get tired from standing, they can lower the desk to have a rest. This regular movement while working can reduce the strain on the body from sitting and promote muscle activity which keeps the body healthy.

Author: Christina Stone

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