3…2…1… Blast Off: Cool & Educational Space-Themed Toys for Your Child

Some kids like cars, others like animals, and then there are the ones that are super into space-stuff. From powerful rockets to colourful planets and mysterious aliens – space has always captured the rich imagination of children. So, if your kid is fascinated by astronomy, the best way to surprise him or her is with a cool space-themed toy.

The great thing about space-themed toys is that they can also be educational at the same time. Not only can space-themed toys teach children about the Solar System and the planets it includes, but they can also inspire them to think about the vast possibilities that go beyond the limits of our planet. Here are some of the best types of space-themed toys that can provide hours of fun and educational play.


A Solar System Model

When learning about the universe, it’s best to start with our own Solar System. Getting a Solar System model that is the exact small-scale replica of the real thing can give children a clear idea of where our Earth is located. There are battery-operated Solar System models that have planets that turn around the sun and allow children to have an impression of how things in space move and how gravity works. For an even more genuine experience, there are also interactive augmented-reality solar system models which reveal animations and facts about the planets when the child hovers a smartphone or similar device above them.

But besides being an educational toy, with its colourful planets, a solar system model can also be an interesting children’s bedroom décor, especially when the bedroom is decorated in a space theme. In addition, you can pick a set that can be hung or attached to the ceiling and glows in the dark, thus also functioning as a cool nightlight that helps your child feel safe. Whether you’re still in the group that wants to keep Pluto as a planet or agree with its elimination from the group, you can choose between 8-planet and 9-planet solar system models.


Constellation Building Blocks

Teach your child the different constellations in the night sky with the help of building blocks imprinted with the constellation. The addition of the constellations’ names, symbols, hemisphere and other information can make memorizing space data fun. These toys can also be used as a decorative space-themed feature in a child’s room.

A Build-Your-Own Space Shuttle

If your child loves rockets and spaceships, instead of getting him or her a ready-made toy, purchase a Lego space shuttle kit. A DIY Lego space shuttle can encourage motor and building skills as well as patience and following instructions. Plus, the final result will be a really cool looking rocket that your kid can play with and use as room décor. The addition of an astronaut figurine can be inspiring for any young astronaut.

Author: Christina Stone

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