The Old Biblical Wisdom as Depicted in the New King James Version

The New King James version of the Bible is written by Arthur Farstad – a former chef of editors at Thomas Nelson Publishing and a conservative Baptist. It all started in 1975 at a couple of meetings with a high class baptist – together they created the guidelines of the New King James version of the Bible. The NKJB is a more conservative iteration of the original King James edition, which does not make any alterations to the Hebrew and Greek texts, but it tells the version that King James visualized. Some elements from the Greek texts have been ignored when speaking about the new testament. One such example are the elements from Johannine Comma that have been added which offer information that wasn’t known before.


Sections made in the preface are enlightening and you can find a few late medieval texts on which the received text is based on. When combined with the Greek text, they offer evidence that the New King James Bible is very much supported for its accuracy and detail. Many scholars state that the evidence and texts in this version of the Bible should be more appreciated by scholars and preachers, even compared to those of the Byzantine period.

The New King James version of the Bible offers readers detailed information about the origin of the manuscripts. Even though there are many differences between the NKJB and the Greek version, the NKJB is broadly accepted by almost all baptist preachers. The differences are clearly explained between their texts and the originals. The translation methods are literal and can be compared to the New American Standard Bible. The two can be compared in literal accuracy, however, the NKJB sometimes exceeds it.

So for whatever purpose you may be buying the NKJ bible, whether you are looking to rediscover your faith, or a new way to look at it, it offers all of that. You’ll find many new facts and information that hasn’t been written in most other bibles – info that has been put together by a preacher of modern times who connects points in history long forgotten. It’s even broadly read by Protestants and Catholics all over the world, and it’s safe to say that this Bible will surely become one of the greatest and most modern Bibles of the 21st century.

To conclude, if you are seeking for new ways to read the Bible and learn new information, picking up the New King James Bible will surely change the way you look at other Bibles and your life. Don’t hesitate to take your life to the next level and buy your own copy!

Author: Michael Hobbs

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