Responsible Cat Owners: Preventing Cat Nuisance

Having a cat can really change your life for the better; other than taking care of their own hygiene without us needing to bathe them (they don’t smell like dogs), they’re great for lowering stress and anxiety thanks to their purring, they’re playful and can help us stay active while at the same time inspire us with their laid-back way of life.

Yes, cats are low-maintenance pets which is exactly what people with busy lifestyles need in a pet nowadays however this doesn’t mean they aren’t creatures without adventures either and this goes for male as much as for female cats.

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Truth be told, the more independent they are, the more adventures you can expect them to have, ending up having secret lives owners know nothing about.

Apart from getting jealous that your cat might be part of more families other than yours, you should be concerned about the fact letting your cat roam free poses threats to the surrounding wildlife.

Likewise the cat is probably going to start fights with other cats in surrounding neighbourhoods, end up urinating in yards and destroying gardens, causing nuisance in other words so you must take your responsibility as a cat owner seriously and prevent such behaviour easily with the help of a cat deterent.

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Since not every cat is the same, there are different deterrents you can choose from, be it the ultrasonic one with three interval settings or the handheld torch and they’re an affordable means to dealing with cat problems.

They’re the options allowing you to humanely train your cat, just use it whenever your cat is behaving badly like meowing excessively, urinating where it shouldn’t, climbing where it shouldn’t or simply when you want to end the habit of mischief in the neighbourhood.

The cat deterent is useful in preventing other people’s cats from entering your property too, causing the same nuisance your cat would, so it’s really a purchase that’s multi-purpose and a value for your money.

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In case your cat is still more independent than you like, make sure to neuter it if you haven’t already, have it microchipped and try to train it to go on walks with you on a leash. Catnip is an effective training ingredient, just add it on the leash and wait for the cat to get excited about it!

Owners who have the space could also make use of cat enclosures and catios to offer the best of both indoor and outdoor life.

Author: Michael Hobbs

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