Square Spas That’ll Bring Your Home from Zero to a Hundred

These stressful times we’re living in have turned spa days from luxury to a necessity. Imagine coming home to a warm, hydro massage after a long day at work. The whooshing swirls of water will almost instantly calm your mind and the moment you hop into your own bubbling paradise, you’ll feel the stress leaving your body.

Apart from relieving stress and anxiety, spas have numerous other benefits. The warm swirls and bubbling against your skin will improve your circulation, boost your “feel good” hormones, reduce muscle tension and pain, lower high blood pressure, and strengthen your immune system. Moreover, you can use your spa to perform various exercises that’ll tone your body and rehabilitate damaged muscles and joints.

It’s amazing what hot tubs can do for your overall health and wellbeing, and luckily they come in different price points, sizes and shapes that can meet everyone’s needs. Spas can be round, rectangular, triangular and square, with the latter being the most popular option for many homeowners. If you’re wondering what makes square hot tubs and spas so great and how to choose one for your own backyard, scroll down below to find your answers.

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What Makes Square Hot Tubs and Spas so Great?

Square hot tubs and spas outshine their round, rectangular and triangular counterparts because they provide maximum comfort, utilize the space and they’re easy to insulate.

Square spas are more contoured for your body and they’ll allow you to ergonomically recline ensuring good posture at all times. Round and triangular spas are typically smaller, suitable for one or two people, but they’ll force you to sit up straight all the time. Moreover, you can’t really stretch out in a round hot tub, whereas a square one will provide you with enough space to let your whole body relax.

Furthermore, square hot tubs and spas can fit snugly against the sides of your home which will allow you to utilize your outdoor space. This makes square spas easier to insulate because the walls will keep the heat inside. This won’t only minimize your heating costs, but it’ll also protect your spa from other elements of nature and provide some privacy.

Square spas are more contoured for your body

Things to Consider When Buying a Square Spa

The first thing to consider when buying a square spa for your home is the size. 1 or 2 person spas may be more affordable, but they’ll rob you the opportunity of relaxing together with friends and family. Do you know that a splish-splash session with your loved ones can help create stronger bonds? It’s the perfect opportunity to get away from screens and spend quality time together. So, go for a bigger 4-5 person spa that’s spacious enough to accommodate you and your dearest.

Next thing to consider is the number of jets. This will greatly depend on how many people will be using the spa and which parts of your body you want to be massaged. There’re incredible compact 4 seater spas for around 5000$ that feature 22 powerful hydrotherapy massage jets. If you want to go bigger, it’ll cost you a couple of thousands more. Some of the luxurious square spas out there incorporate both water and air jets. These two types of jets work together to provide different types of massage for your body. For instance, you might need a deep penetrating hydromassage for your back and a gentle air bubble massage for your feet. If you want to really spoil yourself, these spas will do the trick.

Then, you should know that the more jets your spa has, the more powerful the pump needs to be. One pump should be enough if you want a gentle massage, but if you want a real invigorating experience two or three pumps are a must.

And finally, you’ll need a lockable cover to maintain the water temperature and ensure safety when you’re not using your tub. With that being said, let’s have a look at some of the best square hot tubs and spas money can buy.

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Top Picks

First on the list is the Californian Entertainer which is an affordable yet luxurious spa that can comfortably fit 4 adults. It comes with 22 hydrotherapy massage jets powered by a 2.5 high performance 2 speed pump and a 2Kw stainless steel heater. It also features a maintenance-free cabinet and a huge 5-inch underwater multi-coloured LED Light. The Californian Entertainer is the perfect solution for those who have limited space, but still want to cater for guests.

The next one is called Fun for 5 and it’s a bit more expensive than the Californian Entertainer, but the larger space and recliner lounges make up for it. It also features 22 jets and 2-speed filtration pump enclosed in tough built frames and a sealed ABS plastic base that’s vermin proof and insulated. Moreover, it features a lockable hardcover and thermal wood low maintenance cabinets that’ll make upkeep a breeze.

If you want to step it up a notch, you can opt for the Miami XL Classic which comes with up to 55 jets including both aqua stream and air jets powered by 1 or 2 high-performance massage pumps. This spa has 2 recliner lounges and a neck therapy seat along with an adjustable aromatherapy system, so you can rest assured that you’ll get your money’s worth. The Miami XL has 5 seats and it’s perfect for relaxing with family and friends.

The Riviera is an ideal choice for those who need even more space. It’s large enough to comfortably fit 8 adults and luxurious enough to provide an amazing hydro massage experience. The Riviera features a combination of aqua stream, air and volcano jets which are powered by 2 or 3 high-performance massage pumps. It has 1 recliner lounge, 1 neck and shoulder therapy seat, and foot massage in up to 3 seats. Moreover, the Riviera is equipped with 5-inch multi-coloured underwater LED light, LED-backlit waterfall and spa controls and an adjustable liquid aromatherapy system.

Author: Michael Hobbs

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