Pet Supplies: How to Choose the Right Bed for Your Dog

Dogs spend a lot of time napping and sleeping, and even though they can sleep pretty much anywhere, they are many benefits from providing them with their own bed. However, it’s a big mistake not to think over the type of bed you are choosing for your dog, because his or her comfort, as well as behaviour, will depend on it. So, buying a bed can take some time and planning, considering how many types there are.

Like a lot of other dog supplies, including a carrier, bowls, leashes, dog toys etc. we buy dog beds to last for a long time, so aside from thinking about how cute your four-legged friend will look curled up on it, you should also aim for good quality materials, durability and comfort. There are many options on the market, including doughnut-shaped beds, flat mats, nest beds, bolsters and raised beds for dogs, and what you choose may depend on your dog’s size, their age, their breed, their health issues if they have one, the available space and so on.

Dogs tend to find a spot that they consider theirs, and even though they will end up sleeping in other places of your home, on your sofa or on your bed, assigning them a spot that’s only theirs, one with a comfy bed just for them is very important. When you bring your puppy into their new home, you can either find a spot for their bed, or you can wait and see what spot they choose as their own, and then if it works for you, place the dog bed there.

Raised Beds


Designed to lift the dog off the floor, a raised or elevated dog bed comes with several benefits. Because it’s elevated and not touching the ground, these beds allow for air to circulate, which in turn can help your dog stay warm or cold, depending on the temperature. This bed will keep your dog from the cold surfaces they spend a lot of time on, and it keeps condensation and bad smells away. Like other types of dog beds, raised dog beds offer many different styles, including beds with firm surfaces and trampoline dog beds.

One of the reasons why dog owners buy raised beds for dogs is that they can easily be transported. If you ever need to move the bed to another room, transport it with your car, or if you need it to go travelling with your dog, these beds are the right choice for you. These beds can be very comfortable because the floor is harder, and many of the other types of beds in time flatten more and become very uncomfortable. They are great for

Another very compelling reason why you may want to opt for this type of bed is the fact that they are quite hygienic because they can be easily cleaned. Most other types of dog beds can be really hard to clean. Moreover, unlike some dog beds stuffed with padding, an elevated bed for dogs can’t get chewed up. Dogs love biting things, and their bed can be perfect for their favourite activity. Because raised dog beds don’t have stuffing, your dog can’t create a huge mess when you are not looking at them.

Dog Mattresses and Futons


Even though they are often thought to be the best option for bigger dogs, mattresses and futons are great and beneficial for any dog, regardless of their size or their age. However, if you choose to buy one of these options for your furry friend, you should make sure that you are getting the best quality possible. Like an elevated bed for dogs, a good dog mattress bed is a comfortable and safe sleeping option, which will protect your pet from the cold floor, while also keeping his or her bones healthy.

Mattresses made of high-quality foam will last long, and they will hold the shape for years. There are even orthopaedic models made of memory foam, which are a perfect choice for dogs with joint issues. Make sure that you are investing in one that can be easily cleaned, and most importantly one that has removable machine washable covers.

Snuggle Beds


Every dog is different in any sense, and even when it comes to sleeping. Snuggle dog beds are an ideal option for dogs that like sleeping curled up. These beds are typically shaped like doughnuts, but they can also be oval or rectangular. Whatever the shape, they always feature at least one raised side, which makes them very comfortable for your furry friend, and some may also be shaped as cocoons. They also defer a lot in the materials used in the production as well as the colour.

Moreover, snuggle beds can be a good choice regardless of the size of your dog, because they come in many different sizes. A good quality snuggle dog bed is soft and comfy. Like any type of dog bed this type of dog bed will help the dog feel secure, relaxed and calm. If you choose to buy a snuggle bed for your dog, you should make sure that the material it’s made of is high quality, that it can be cleaned easily, and that it’s machine washable.

Author: Christina Stone

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