Morakniv Knives: The Must-Have Tools for Every Outdoor Enthusiast

There are certain tools a man can’t do without in his toolbox; this especially applies to every outdoor enthusiast (most of us Aussies) as well – if you’ve been wondering which one, it’s the knife. Knives and men have been pals for years and years, basically because a knife is the tool of tools, made to serve men for various purposes. The oldest form of knife to be found was the one dating back to 1.4 million years ago, in northwestern Spain. Knives have ever since been under constant improvement.

Nowadays, being on the quest for this top-notch tool is sure to bring you to one brand in particular: Morakniv. Why their knives exactly you wonder? Well, being the ingenious products they are, you can bet they’re high quality considering they’re based on a design that’s more than a thousand years old – the Mora design. Luckily, taking all this into account, there’s no shortage of knives of the brand Morakniv Australia round.


What’s interesting about this design of knives, something that’s also connected with the name of the brand, is it’s the design of the Mora region in Sweden. This is a region known for the centuries old tradition of knife manufacturing. The creation of knives has always been a part of Scandinavian peoples, as the Viking descendants they are, and not surprisingly they have a quote that perfectly reflects this: “A knifeless man is a lifeless man”. It was the harsh weather conditions that made them so dependent on this basic tool that they used it and upgraded it to perfection.

Though there were two notable Swedish knife-makers of the Mora region, Frosts of Mora, and KJ Eriksson more specifically, manufacturing since 1891, it wasn’t until 2005 that they both went under the same name, known as Morakniv – Mora of Sweden. What makes all knives of Morakniv Australia outdoor lovers’ must-have tools is their degree of utility and quality. Made of hardened durable steel, they kept the ancient Scandinavian design which gives them a special look, and the secret behind the durability and reliability is in the knife edges, more specifically their grind ensuring their sharpness over a long period of use.

No matter whether you’re having an outdoor adventure, doing work in your workhouse, or working on a woodwork project, you can be sure a Morakniv knife is your rightful companion. If you need more convincing, the ergonomic handle, utmost precision, and tapered profile properties are sure to win you over.

Author: Michael Hobbs

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