Skateboarding: Having Fun While Getting Where You Need to

Skateboarding and longboarding was taking the world by a storm in the mid-1950s, when surfers weren’t satisfied with just riding the waves and took to the streets, at first using simple improvised boards (usually planks with roller blade wheels mounted on them). Often mimicking the riding style of surfing, they began carving the pavement and gradually developing styles of their own. Quickly “sidewalk surfing” became a sport of its own and eventually evolved into the skateboard culture we know today.

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Today, longboarding has evolved so much, it’s hard to define all the styles in which the boards are used – from riding them as a way to get to work to mountain bombing. Skateboarding and longboarding have changed a lot since first starting out and have become a way of life for some who prefer to use their boards as a means of transportation in their day to day lives. A longboards skateboard model could be perfect for people looking to get from point A to point B and have some fun on their way. This can also help you remain more physically healthy even if you don’t plan on using it to ride walls anytime soon.

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You should know when making your pick that longboards skateboard type come in all kinds of designs and are constantly improving, but there are five general boards to keep in mind when making your decision as each one is made for a specific style of riding. Depending on how you plan to use your board these are the types to consider: downhill, drop through, carving longboards, cruising and bamboo. Their names should give you an idea of what type of riding style they are built for but generally the cruising, bamboo and drop through are designed for a more leisure style of ridding, whereas the downhill and carving longboards are built for more extreme styles and have much tougher build.

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So whether you are looking to rip the pavement speeding downhill or go for a relaxed cruise through the streets, there is no shortage of options to chose from. Skateboarding is without a doubt a fun and adventurous way to get to work or elsewhere while enjoying the sense of freedom, the opportunity for more movement, the wind in your hair and the benefit of not having to worry about finding a space to park. Don’t miss out on at least trying it!

Author: Christina Stone

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