Design Dots & Boxes: The Move That Makes the Dinning Room

It was one of those days when you just want to cross something off your list as to feel like a worthy human again. I simply grew tired of having this vintage mind and a dining room that falls short when it comes to translating my preferences with its appearance. And it’s important to mention that when I say vintage, I don’t mean just adding a décor piece or two. I mean adding value to the space in a old-timer-ish manner with a hint of historical flavor.

So I already had a genuinely vintage dining table (a gift from my grandma) and I had recently purchased a beautiful beige carpet that furthermore strengthened the beauty of my well-chosen décor pieces, all of which featured pale pink and flowery patterns. However, something grand was missing, the box that will eliminate the modern dots and help me win the vintage dining room game. I realized I had to rely on the ever-popular X for this move in the form of crossback dining chairs.


Do I really need to try to make someone believe that these chairs speak the language of class and taste? Talk about game changers… My heartfelt advice to all of you trying to make up a unique vintage scheme for your dining room is to follow my steps, but backwards. Start from the chairs! It’s what makes all the difference and sets you on the right track immediately. In fact, crossback dining chairs are so full of yesterdays that even if you don’t change a thing, you’ll be adding plenty of the much sought after vintage vibe. Apart from that, I am also in awe of the curved back support and hand woven rattan seating that offers great sitting comfort. And for those of you that like a bit of industrial touch with the rustic features, many of these chair models feature exposed cast iron rivets.

For competing the look as it was in my imagination, I tuned to vintage 60’s tea and coffee porcelain and silver set from Belgian origin. Pink roses from my garden in a DIY vase and I let it the vintage craze. It really is worth it, investing in the look of your interior cause the whole process makes for a wonderful feeling of completion. Needless to say, it adds to the overall warm feeling of a home that makes spending time in it a true pleasure.

Author: Christina Stone

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