Men’s Fashion: 5 Must-Have Accessories

Men’s fashion has changed rapidly over the past 50 years. And while the guys embraced a lot of different trends throughout the different decades, there’re some clothing pieces that became so popular that they remained classics and are worn to this very day, like the bomber jacket that originated in WWI. When it comes to accessories, there’s a few of them that have passed the fashion tests in the last century and are still not out of date. So, if you want to stay trendy, consider elevating your outfits with some of the following must-have accessories for men of the 21st century.

Leather Coin Pouch

The simple leather pouches for coins are accessories that were worn by the high-social class men at the beginning of the 20th century. Today, many fashionable men worldwide are still keen on these little leather pouches because they successfully combine functionality and fashion.

This smart accessory makes it possible to elevate different looks, from the smart-casual office-wear to being your city’s street-wear champ, since leather accessories always have the power to make you look sophisticated without putting a lot of effort into your outfit.

leather coin pouch

In addition to elevating every look, carrying a simple leather pouch provides you with space to store all your essentials close while you’re on-the-go. . It can be conveniently attached to your pants or belt with a metal clasp lock fastening mechanism, which makes it perfect for travelling and exploring new places too. And unlike cross-body bags, this little pouch won’t be a target for jokes.

Available in different sizes and shapes, these little accessories will help you stay organised, storing all your cards, coins and cash. Some of them even feature additional pockets for wallets and phones. In addition to storing your money and cards, these little cases also often feature a strap that you can use as a key chain which makes for the most stylish and practical solution for every urban man’s personal belongings.

If you’ve suddenly became fed up with tossing your stuff everywhere in your pockets, get yourself a sophisticated leather coin pouch that meets your functional preferences and finally, put an end to the “full pockets look” that is not stylish at all!

Leather Wallet

A nice leather wallet is another essential accessory that will go perfectly with the leather coin pouch. Even though the pouch may offer some space to store your essentials, if you’re a busy man, you probably carry a lot of cards with you which is why a wallet is always a must.

In the past, a leather wallet’s purpose was far beyond storing money – it had a symbolic nature as it was a way to show your social status because the leather wallet only gets better and fuller with age. And today, a quality leather wallet is also considered one of the most luxurious accessories a man could have.

man with his leather wallet

So, if you want to send some luxury vibes, don’t wait to get yourself a classic flip leather wallet as one of the sleekest options for storing your finances into your pocket that features enough storage for your cash and card slots and holders. On the other hand, if you’re dealing with a bunch of different cards, or you simply want a more spacious wallet, then go for the classic leather zip wallet. It may not be the most elegant solution, but at least you’ll rest assured that all your finances and cards are safely stored in one place.

Classic Leather Belt

A true gentleman never has enough leather accessories and has at least one classic leather belt in his collection. It’s because no look is complete without a belt and going “plain” will only leave the impression of a boring person without style. So, a classic leather belt should be your go-to accessory for all kinds of occasions tarting from the professional settings and job interviews to casual nights at the bar, matched with jeans, chinos, shorts and every type of trousers with belt loops.

classic leather belt

When building your outfit, always make sure you pair your belt with your shoes. For instance, if you’re wearing brown chukka boots at the office, make sure you pair them with a brown dress belt. But if you’ve decided that those black Chelsea boots will perfectly match your favourite skinny jeans – then make sure you add your rugged casual black belt. Following this simple rule of matching the classic leather belt with your shoes will never fail you.

Minimalist Watch

If you thought that you don’t need a wristwatch, just because you can always see the time on your smartphone, you’re wrong. Just like the leather accessories previously mentioned, every urban man should own at least one wristwatch, because its role is far beyond showing the time too.

If we’re looking back in history, wristwatches were mostly worn by men in the military even before World War I. Today, no urban man can be seen without a watch on his wrist- including even the most powerful people in the world like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Warren Buffet and many others.

minimalist watch

But the real reason behind watches being one of the essential accessories for modern men is that they dramatically improve every outfit you wear, making you appear smarter, more competent and put together. Aside from that, research has also shown that men who wear watches are perceived to be more attractive to women. So wearing a watch on first dates can help boost your self-confidence, giving you the “James Bond” effect that everyone admires.

So, if you don’t own at least one piece of this classic valuable accessory, it’s time to invest in a multi-occasional minimalist watch as the universal accessory every man should own.

Stylish Sunglasses

Even though they may seem like they’ve appeared in the last century, sunglasses have a long history, They were a status symbol in ancient Rome as the Roman emperor Nero watched gladiators fight in the Coliseum wearing protective lenses made of polished jewels. Later, in 12th century China, judges wore dark glasses made of semiprecious quartz to hide their expressions and make trials more impartial by concealing any clues.

Today, shades are considered an essential accessory for modern men and women alike, since they keep the sun out of your eyes and people out of your business. Plus, your most stylish outfit won’t have any effect if you constantly blink and squint your eyes once you get out in the daylight. Also, have in mind that wearing sunglasses is another accessory that makes you more attractive for women since they give you a sense of mystery and invite curiosity by partially hiding your face.

men with stylish sunglasses

When talking about sunglasses as one of the essential accessories for men, you can choose between a variety of shapes, styles and colours – depending on what suits your face shape best. One of the most popular choices that never went out of style are the Aviator Sunglasses, featuring the classic pilot shape and a metal frame incorporated with other unique elements.

Another popular option are the Wayfarers, designed to give every face a masculine look, using moulded plastic materials and iconic metal accents on the outside corners of the sunglass, making them extra attractive. On the other hand, if you want to give your stylish outfit a retro tone, then go for a pair of Clubmaster sunglasses, known for their round lenses and frames with a thin metal rim.

The range of choices of modern sunglasses is huge and choosing the ones that suit you the most will boost your self-confidence and make everyone turn their heads when you’re walking on the city streets.

Summing Up

The list of essential accessories for men doesn’t stop here. Having a couple of solid ties is essential if you prefer the formal suit style, and going out without a designer scarf in the cold winter days is also a big no for men who prefer a more sophisticated style. The most important thing is to optimise the accessories according to your style because even the most basic combination accompanied by the right accessories will make you look like you hopped straight out of a magazine.

Author: Christina Stone

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