Office Design Really Does Affect Productivity, Make Yours Fabulous

I’ll assume you’re new to the corporate life, or maybe in-between changing jobs and offices. In whatever stage of your professional life you may be I’d like to believe that I am talking to someone who has watched “Suits” by now. If you haven’t watched it, read about it, or put it on your watch list, then you really need to re-examine your vision of success in the corporate world. Not to exaggerate, put this series is pure TV gold: very realistic, entertaining, all good-looking actors put in the best designer clothes, best designed offices and well, the best cars. It may sound cliché, but as the scenery in the series is almost familiar, the storyline is surprisingly exciting and perspective changing.vertical-blinds-online-australia

To put it shortly, being Harvey Specter means being a ‘whole package’ type of person: at the very top in his professional field, very good-looking, unbelievably smart and witty, and enjoying all the best things life can possibly give just because he’s the best. Aside the factors behind his success, what you in your current position can learn from this character is how his office, carefully designed and decorated, works as an extension to his capabilities: it has its own character, its own meaning and story. That’s the type of office you should aim for.

So how does an office of the kind look like? Well, as much as it is about the feeling you give to it, it’s also about making it functional to a level where it serves you impeccably. Is should never make you feel tired, bored, cold, too hot or as if the Sun is playing games with your precious time.

First thing, the overall architectural design of the office space. How big is it? Does it come with a view like large window walls that also provide a lot of natural light? If so, you’re one lucky person. Natural sunlight makes everything look so much better than it actually is. Every good feature of the interior design and décor is enhanced by natural light. However, it’s not all as good as it sounds; your desk is probably going to be positioned so you sit with the back facing the windows which means your computer will be facing the sunlight directly. And that is a terrible computer working condition. A good and fancy solution to this problem could be looking for vertical blinds online Australia stores sell. These come in many sizes, colours and are very easy to maintain so they won’t disturb your peace of mind at all. Plus, they can complement your overall office look in many ways because they’re kind of simple in their look. Definitely worth checking out the vertical blinds online Australia offers.

As much as your space allows you (this would depend largely on what position you hold in the company, how much budget you have on disposal and ultimately, how much do you personally care about the quality of the stuff in your office), get some good, quality, office furniture. This includes a nice work desk and a chair, a small meeting table and a sofa corner where you can put your feet up, have a drink with some of your clients or guests and similar. Since we’re following the Harvey Specter example, go minimalistic in style; carefully choose pieces that don’t scream in colour and design, but are simple and tasteful.

And remember, simplicity is the mother of elegance, and elegance is the face of success and confidence.

Finally, know why you’d be doing this: people react to the surrounding environment, whether you believe it or not. Whether it’s a futuristic type of office, a messy one, or a very power emitting one, certain types of people work better in certain types of environments. Make yours work for you.

Author: Michael Hobbs

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