The Most Popular Types of Leather Boots for Men

The hiking boots are an irreplaceable part of men’s wardrobe for sure, but what about dress boots? Even though not all men are fond of them, still, the huge choice allows them to find at least one pair that will find a place in their wardrobe. The choice of leather boots these days is vast, ranging from dressier to more casual, which gives you the chance to pick the model that will best meet your taste and style.

Popular Types of Leather Boots for Men


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This type of footwear certainly is one of the most popular, favoured and commonly worn by men. Its roots date from Queen Victoria’s time when her shoemaker J. Sparkes–Hall created these easy-to-wear boots. Shortly after this, these ankle boots became a synonym for comfiness and ease of use, turning into a total boom especially when worn by the Beatles.

The Chelsea ankle boot has a rounded toe box and thin sole which makes it sleek. It is made from leather, and instead of laces it features two elastic bands on the sides, which makes it extremely easy to put on and take off. These ankle mens leather boots are versatile, trendy and comfortable above all. They’re clean, simple and perfect for matching with different outfits because of their material option. 

Aside from being made from genuine leather, they can also come in polished leather, nappa and suede which gives you the chance to pick just the right type for the right purpose. If you’re a fan of smooth boots with simple lines, then choose the ones made from leather, but in case you want to create a different and more luxurious effect, then you should pick the ones made from suede or nappa leather. Even though the ones made from leather are mainly considered dressier and perfect with suits, they still can be worn with pants, jeans and trousers just like the Chelseas’ made from nappa and suede.


The Chukka is another type of ankle boot that is quite different from the previous model. It features open lacing up the ankle with two to three pairs of lacing eyelets, a rounded toe box and a thinner sole. Just like the Chelsea model, however, Chukkas are also low-profile dress boots, perfect for being worn year-round. Unlike Chelsea which can be made literally from any type of leather, Chukka boots are mainly made from suede which makes them perfect for pairing with business-casual, smart-causal and casual outfits and less with formal outfits. 

In case you enjoy their comfiness and style, you can also find a leather version of them and pair them with more formal outfits. Aside from their simple and plain version, the Chukka mens leather boots are also available with countless design elements that add to their uniqueness and appearance. You can even choose from the ones made from both nappa/suede and leather in contrasting colours which makes them more extravagant.


These smart-casual boots feature an open lacing and a looser ankle which makes it easier to put them on and take them off. These boots offer great ankle support without compromising on being comfortable. They’re stylish enough and casual enough to be paired with both more casual and dressier outfits.


mens leather boots
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These boots are quite similar to the Chelsea model, however, they differ from them because of their straps and a buckle at the ankle instead of the elastic. They appeared at the end of the 19th century in the Indian city Jodhpur, hence the name. The straps and buckle allow you to tighten and loosen the boots according to your needs which aids to their comfiness and ease of wear. Just like the Chelsea model, the Jodhpur type of boots are sleek and simple, mainly made from leather and perfect to be paired with more formal and semi-formal outfits.

Monk Strap

Monk strap boots look almost the same as the Monk strap shoe model only with an extended upper part. Some consider them quite similar to the Jodhpur boots with the main difference being in the part where the strap is sewn. These shoes are extremely versatile and comfortable, perfect for being paired with formal outfits like suits, however, you can easily pair them with semi-casual outfits like pants, t-shirts and coats.

Cuban Heel

The thing that makes these boots different from the aforementioned are their pointy toe box and heel which is a bit taller than the previous models. The heel on these boots is made for style and is mainly worn by those who are braver and don’t mind wearing boots with higher heels. Given the fact that these boots are considered to be a bit chunkier than the other models, they are better to be worn with more casual clothes. According to stylists, pairing them with skinnier pants and jeans is the best thing you can do to show them off. What’s more, they are the perfect option for those of you who secretly love to show off their rock style from time to time.

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