Safety First: Your Essential Baseball Safety Equipment

Did you know that baseball was brought to Australia by American gold miners? Yes, they played the game on their rest days and familiarised Aussies with this sport. Nowadays, over 500 million people from all over the world are baseball fans. The Australian Baseball League is the professional league that is home to some of the most successful teams, such as the Adelaide Giants, Melbourne Aces, Auckland Tuatara and Brisbane Bandits.

But, same as in any other sport, the players need to stay safe and protect themselves from hard blows and injuries. This is where safety equipment comes into play. It’s an essential part of the whole system, and players can’t function without it.


Baseball player wearing Faceguard while playing baseball

Although players, even professional league ones, sometimes overlook this safety equipment, it’s essential to have a faceguard. It’s used for protecting the lower part of our face, from the tip of the nose all around the chin and its sides, together with the teeth, cheekbones and jaw bone. When buying a faceguard, make sure the gap between the top of the guard and the helmet’s rim is smaller than the ball in diameter. This is very important. This way, the ball won’t be able to go through the gap and hurt your face.

Often, you can find faceguards together with helmets. If you don’t buy them together and decide to buy the faceguard later, make sure it’s from the same manufacturer so it’ll fit the helmet perfectly. If you don’t get the right size and fit, it may intervene with your game and performance. You won’t see the ball or the field clearly, which can be a big problem.


Man wearing baseball helmet while playing baseball

This might be the most important piece of baseball protective gear. Even for beginners, they are a must-have because head injuries are the most common among baseball players. They can be fatal or impossible to cure in some cases, so it’s important to wear one on the field. No matter what position you play, the helmet is essential baseball safety equipment.

The helmet should be the correct fit and not muse around. If you have the wrong size, getting injured is just increasing. Always combine it with a faceguard and even safety glasses. Check for any damage, dents and cracks that may compromise its integrity, and replace them if necessary. Use the straps to fasten it and keep it in place; no one wants to get a shot in the head with a ball that flies 100km/h.

Elbow Guard

Batters often wear elbow guards to protect their tibia against any possible injury. These injuries can be painful and take a long time to heal, so players do anything to avoid them. They wear the guard over the joint, which gives them a hard shell-like shielding that absorbs the impact and distributes the contact energy.

When choosing an elbow guard, make sure it fits comfortably on you, not too tight and not too loose. If it’s not the correct fit, it’ll compromise the hand movement and lower your game quality. Don’t try to save money and buy a cheaper guard; this will only cause more problems, and you’ll have to replace the guard sooner than you think.

Chest Protector

Man wearing Chest Protector in a baseball game

The chest protector is the largest baseball safety equipment protecting your chest, stomach, neck and shoulders. It’s the armour that protects you from injuries and foul tips. It has to be made from high-quality materials to achieve its purpose correctly. The foam on the outer shell should be light and soft to help you with your movement. And the inside needs to keep you cool during the game because our body is sweating and its temperature is rising.
Size is also important, and for the correct fit, you’ll need to have the proper body measurements. Start from the base of your neck to the top of your waist. If you’re in between sizes, always go for the bigger one to make the fit comfortable. Ensure the straps are working properly so no ribcage or collarbone injury can occur.

Protective Cups

Male baseball players should always wear protective cups to cover and protect their testicles. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pitcher, catcher or an infielder; these cups are a must. They have cushioning on the inside to absorb the impact without damaging the organs. There are different sized cups, so choose the right one for you, and pay attention to the padding on the inside. It should be high-quality. It’s best to look for banana-shaped cups to provide more support and make adjustments easier and more comfortable.


Man playing with a ball for baseball and wearing a baseball glove

There are two types of gloves in the baseball game. The first one is batting gloves. They help players with their bat grip and provide a firm grasp that ensures a more powerful hit. Players can’t allow themselves even the slightest slip or variation. They also reduce the chances of blisters appearing. They can be made from leather, synthetics or a combination of the two.

The other type is the standard baseball gloves. Depending on your position, there are several different types of gloves and web types; some of them are:

  • Basket – to hide the ball;
  • Trapeze – has a deeper pocket;
  • Modified Trap – adds stability;
  • H-Web – sturdier grip;
  • I-Web – dirt and debris falls easier;
  • Single Post – provides flexibility;
  • Two-Piece – good for concealing.

Pay attention to the fit of the glove. It has to feel good on your hand, and don’t be too tight or too loose. In terms of style and colour, there are different combinations to choose from. Always choose high-quality leather, so you often don’t have to replace your glove.

Knee Pads

The player’s knees are always in a vulnerable position throughout the game. Like rollerblading or skateboarding, you have to keep them safe from injuries and accidents. Bumps, blisters and scratches can be very uncomfortable and painful. These pads surround the knee with their padding and cloth and reduce the pressure on the joint when the player crouches. The knee pads have to fit properly, feel comfortable and not cut circulation in the legs. If they’re too tight, they’ll restrict movement and mobility and impact the game quality.

In Summary

Staying safe during the game is essential and a number one priority. Because there are a lot of players out on the field, accidents fall, and injuries may happen, and you should do the best you can to protect yourself at any time. Sports injuries are often severe and may prevent you from playing baseball for a long time. If you have the proper safety equipment, you’ll minimize distractions and be more efficient.

Author: Christina Stone

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