Mind Silenced, Body Stretched: Hop on the Yoga Mat

As a highly beneficial practice that provides both physical and mental well-being, yoga consists of a variety of asanas or poses that can be mastered only with great mental concentration and balance. In the most basic terms, asana is essentially a yoga posture that has the purpose to create a special connection between the body and mind. Every pose is designed to improve and enhance the body’s function. Improved circulation, endurance, clear mind, cleansed body and more energy are just some of the many benefits that come along with practising yoga.

The main purpose of this thousands of years old practice is to help achieve a unique state of self-awareness, cleansing your mind from all the tension and stress, all while building a healthy and strong body. As mentioned earlier, to achieve all this, a deep concentration and balance is required so you need your personal space where you can comfortably perform your poses. Regardless of the fact whether you are practising in a studio or at home, to create that personal space you so much need, having a quality yoga mat is a must.

Yoga mats Australia shops offer a vast selection of models that differ in quality, style, material, thickness, and provide different benefits. Therefore, finding the right one for you depends largely on your needs, and of course your practice. Your mat should be your companion on the journey of discovering the magical world of yoga, one that will give you the necessary support during every yoga session. Having in mind that not all mats are manufactured the same way, before you make your purchase there are some essential factors to consider.


When on the look for the best yoga mats Australia retailers offer, durability should be your top priority. Your mat should be highly resistant and retain its initial shape and texture even after many yoga postures. With proper care you can ensure it won’t wear out easily and will last you for many years to come. This means that you should regularly clean and store it in a special bag. Make sure the bag is made from lightweight and breathable material that will provide the necessary airflow for your mat to dry out after every yoga session.



Features such as stickiness, comfort and texture depend on the type of material from which the mat is made. Polyvinyl chloride or PVC, is the most commonly used material as it provides a smooth non-slipping surface and a lot of cushioning. Cotton is basically the eco-friendly version of PVC, it is highly absorbent and offers a lot of stability. Latex is another popular option, it provides great grip which is very helpful when you have to hold the same posture for a longer period of time. Since it’s made of natural recyclable materials, it is good for the environment, one downside is that it might not be suitable for those people who are allergic to latex.


To achieve the highest level of concentration when doing your poses, you should be comfortable and relaxed. When it comes to the comfort, density is the one feature that determines how much support and comfort your mat will provide you with. A comfortable mat supports your joints and offers great stability, especially for balancing poses. Without the right amount of density, you will feel unstable when doing your poses and your knees, wrists and hips may be under more pressure which won’t let you relax and concentrate to your practice.



When it come to creating your personal yoga space, the size of the mat is of utmost importance. Yoga mats come in many different sizes, so make sure you choose one that will provide support for your entire body when lying down and fits your body shape. In this case it is important to find a mat that will be the right length and width for you, so before you buying don’t forget to check its measurements.

Author: Christina Stone

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