Sweet Dreams are Made of Contemporary Style: Adorn Your Bedroom with Contemporary Flair

If you’ve been wondering how to spice up the interior décor, and most of all, where to start, go for the bedroom. Though we usually love giving our devoted attention to the living room, basically because it’s the room that visitors get to see, the bedroom too has never been just a utility room. It’s the room offering you all the space you can get to express your individuality, and fill it up with things that evoke pleasant feelings in you: it’s the room supposed to be your oasis.

You’d be surprised at how easy it is to inject it with some changes simply because you have plenty to choose from when it comes to contemporary style décor. It’s all about the beauty of simplicity, and elegance.

Contemporary Bed Frames

A bed is more than just a bed as its frame is art in itself; furthermore, you can even use the frame for displaying some of your favourite art pieces as an unconventional place. You can accomplish a more emphasised contemporary look by leaning paintings, beside your bed for instance, instead of hanging them on the walls.

Take a good look at the variety of contemporary bed frames, and adorn your bed and bedroom either with matt finish upholstery, or the beauty of wood designs. Considering the bed is the focal point of this room, the bed frame can have the role of defining the entire style, spicing it up with simplicity, and elegance, so make sure the bed frame’s colour and design you choose blend in harmoniously with the surroundings – the bedroom is all about harmony!

Along with the choice of contemporary bed frames, use the magic of illumination and the charms of lighting fixtures to enhance the atmosphere. You can go as far as choosing a custom-made fixture, tailored to your taste and room necessities, with the extra control over light through dimmers.

What I love about contemporary style is the fact the focus is on “less is more”, so you are sure to find pieces that are designed to be multi-purpose and space-savvy, like the nice combination of heater and fan, also serving as an aesthetic piece. When it comes to minimalism, Scandinavians have really mastered the mixture of sophistication and simplicity, so you have the green light for welcoming some of the Scandinavian flair into your bedroom.

This means you have the chance to combine natural wooden designs, in the form of accent chairs, vanity table, or bookcase, counting on the extra storage space where there’s no way for clutter in sight, with vibrant pieces like brass finish framed mirror, bedside lamps, and vases. Sweet dreams are made of the magic of contemporary style!

Author: Christina Stone

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