House Warming Gift Ideas for Nature Lovers

While you may love buying gifts for friends and family, with so many choices, it can be quite overwhelming. When it comes to presents for housewarming, things can get even more complicated. You may not know how your loved one’s new place is decorated, you may not be sure about the colours, or sometimes even about their preferences and likes. But fortunately, there is one way to go for any interior design style and anyone’s taste. Namely, nature. Nature goes well with everything, which is why it’s the ultimate decorative element in anyone’s home, not to mention how much beneficial it is for our mental and physical health.

This certainly doesn’t mean that buying a flower is enough, especially if the person you are buying it for is someone that means a lot to you. Some people choose to postpone giving a housewarming gift on their first visit so that they can check out the style and choose right, which can be a great strategy. Nevertheless, the idea will always apply – there is nothing that warms a home more than having a piece of nature to spruce up your interior.


The first way to use nature as a decorative gift for housewarming is a classic. This way, you’ll know that every time your gift recipient gets fresh flowers or greenery to put in the luxurious modern brass vase you gave them, they will think of you. What’s more, you will know that this gift will certainly find its place in their home.

It’s true that vases are one of the most common and popular decorative elements in every home. They can stand alone on a table as a centrepiece, on a shelf, on a side table, on the floor, they can be a part of a decorative composition. They can be a part of the décor, add colour, texture, interest, variation in height, luxury and many more effects. Another reason why they are so popular is the fact that they come in an incredible range of colours, shapes, styles, materials, heights and sizes. This means that if you don’t already know the style of your recipient’s home, you can easily find a vase that will match any decor.

Choose a stylish vase that doesn’t feature too many details, too many colours or some elaborate shapes. In other words, for a vase in neutral colours, in black or white, in colours of metals, or no colours. Go for a ceramic vase, a silver or a brass vase, or a glass vase, look for simple shapes and designs, and for vases without any unnecessary adornments.

There are vases with breathtaking designs, ones that are art-like. They can double as a decoration piece on their own without a flower inside or they can be used as they were intended –to decorate with greenery. This is another good thing about buying vases – the person you are buying them for can certainly use them as they please. Nevertheless, when you bring them a vase, you can also get them a flower that you think will look nice in it, and you might inspire them.


While vases are a classic and with some strategical thinking, you can rarely go wrong with a gift like that, some people might think that it’s not really a gift of nature – because of the option to use them as decoration on their own. So, one good alternative is to buy them a stylish pot with a Calathea flower or another beautiful plant. If you decide to go in this direction, the rule of thumb is the same. Go for something simple, without too many details, monochrome, in white, black or neutral colours, made of glass or ceramic.

A ceramic pot can look quite beautiful and it can be a great addition to any room, at the same time as a decorative element and as a way to decorate with nature. Furthermore, unlike vases, they don’t require constantly changing flowers. Nevertheless, they will require taking care of the plant, learning about its nutritional needs and the proper care they require, etc. So, choose a potted plant for a person that you know is responsible or loves to tend plants, but if the person you are buying a gift for isn’t someone like that, or you are not sure, it may be better to go another route.


If you are an art lover, you know that there is nothing that decorates and elevates a room better than an art piece. It shows style, culture, it creates focus points, it brings in peace, So, if you aren’t convinced about brass vases or ceramic pots, you can buy a canvas artwork print featuring nature motifs for your loved one. Get a wall art print that depicts elements from nature, such as trees, leaves, plants, flowers, animals, panoramic views of the sea, forests, mountains, etc., or even abstract art inspired by nature.

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Art prints are a great option for decorating, a favourite amongst both homeowners and interior designers for many reasons. One of the best things about them is that they are a much less expensive option than paintings. Nevertheless, they are still a valuable aesthetical and sophisticated addition to any home. However, if you decide to buy an artwork print you may want to make sure you are investing in a person, a real artist, to support their art.

While a canvas artwork print with a nature motif isn’t the same as having a plant at home, it’s a great gift option if you want to go for something more exclusive. Nature motifs will fit right into any setting in any room. However, if you don’t know anything about your loved one’s new place, and you still want to be sure that the art won’t be too out of place, you may want to stick to something that doesn’t have too many colours, and more importantly, learn about the return policy of the store where you are ordering the artwork.

Furthermore, like plants and flowers, art that depicts nature offers many of the benefits offered by the real thing. It’s known that art influences our wellbeing very positively, and moreover, it has been proven that we get relaxed and calm when we look at nature. It may not be the same, but it’s also good for both mental and physical health.

Author: Christina Stone

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