Milwaukee PACKOUT Tool Organiser System: Find Out What All the Fuss is About

Over the last few years, modular tool boxes and integrated storage systems have become an essential part of how tradies, chippies, and even DIYers select their tools. Their light weight and sturdy design makes them an integral part of the transition to cordless, and they’re so closely related to the tool selection process that any manufacturer who doesn’t consider storage as an aspect of tool design risks finding themselves left behind.

That’s why it’s no coincidence that the most innovative tool manufacturers are also the ones on the leading edge of storage system development. Milwaukee Tool has been one of those leaders for nearly a century, and with their current modular tool box lineup, they’re redefining how all levels of craftsmen prepare themselves for work.

Watch Your Productivity RIse with Milwaukee PACKOUT™ Tool Boxes

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Make no mistake: the mobility and scalability of modular tool boxes have all but rendered classic steel tool boxes obsolete at modern worksites. It’s no surprise though, that the Milwaukee PACKOUT tool box system has rapidly stepped up to become the most highly regarded modular storage system on the market for everyday use, as well as for tool transport and storage.

The versatile PACKOUT is built around a robust core of basic and custom characteristics that allow it to stand head and shoulders above similar modular solutions, including:

· Advanced mobility. The PACKOUT system comes in either stackable rolling chest or rolling tool box configurations with larger-than-normal heavy-treaded 9“ wheels, along with cart and dolly configurations that are designed with tucked in wheels to avoid interference with their surroundings.

· Improved weather resistance. IP65 rated protection from dust and low pressure water streams help to make the PACKOUT the most secure modular system there is against the harshest jobsite environments.

· Increased functionality. Every PACKOUT organizer allows for a level of custom setup that’s just as adaptable for storing and transporting loose tools and bulks commodities, as it is for integrating with other Milwaukee tool bags and cases.

When it comes to tough modular systems, the Milwaukee PACKOUT organizer has exactly what it takes to make the job easier. It takes the headache out of storing, and loading and unloading tools and accessories, which means you can expect to see a noticeable increase in your own productivity.

PACKOUT Boxes Let You Configure Your Tools Your Way

Rugged Milwaukee PACKOUT boxes, cases, and crates are made of impact resistant polymer, and feature metal reinforced corners to protect them from the kinds of hard hits and long drops that can occur on jobsites. They also include:

· Milwaukee’s patented interlocking latch system;

· Cargo capacities from 50 – 250lbs; and,

· Reinforced handles and hinges.

From the tear resistant Milwaukee PACKOUT bag to their industry leading M18™ light/cordless charger combo, there are over 25 different types of PACKOUT-compatible modulars to choose from, including:

· Deep, and low profile compartmented organizers;

· Complete 1/2”, 3/8” sockets, drivers, and first aid sets;

· Tech bags, totes, and backpacks;

· A range of coolers and portable shop vacuums; and,

· A 50lb worktop surface that you can attach tabletop tools onto.

The flexibility to sort, group, and even supplement your tools and gear in ways that are most beneficial to you is what you get with the Milwaukee PACKOUT tool box system. And Milwaukee takes that flexibility even further by giving you the big drawer convenience that no other modular system manufacturer has.

Full-sized, Multi-drawer PACKOUT Boxes Make the Difference

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Drawers are one of the most practical storage features of any type of tool or accessory storage. Only the Milwaukee PACKOUT drawer system, however, has 2- and 3-drawer modules with enough volume to store bigger tools at any level of your PACKOUT load, without the need to unstack your entire system to have access to them.

Milwaukee’s large, innovative PACKOUT drawers also feature:

· All metal, ball bearing slides;

· Retractable locking bar that slides under the box; and,

· Pad-locking storage tabs.

Regardless of the type of tools you have, the Milwaukee PACKOUT system lets you pack, stack, and organize them any way you need them. And if you’re tired of arriving at jobsites and having to sort through piles of fasteners to find the right ones, Milwaukee can help simplify that process for you too.

Dividers and Inserts that Give PACKOUT Users the Edge
Simplicity is the key to making practical modular storage boxes at Milwaukee, and their range of PACKOUT tool box dividers and inserts exceed anything that’s offered by any other manufacturer. All Milwaukee cases, boxes, and crates are designed to work with a full array of internal organizers, including:

· Drawer and crate dividers;

· Foam inserts; and,

· Large and small bin sets.

These fully configurable internal components allow you to easily sort, separate, and even protect everything from screws and fasteners to sensitive testing and measuring instruments. Whether it’s at home or on the job, a Milwaukee PACKOUT kit gives you the freedom to organize your tools and equipment the way you want them.

Wall and Shelf Plate Let You Store Your PACKOUT Cases Anywhere

The great thing about going modular is that it doesn’t have to apply only to moving tools from one jobsite to the next. Even if your tools never leave the garage, you can still take advantage of the wide range of shelved wall plates and hooks that’ll let you vertically mount any Milwaukee PACKOUT set module.

With Milwaukee’s selection of wall plates, you can conveniently store all of your PACKOUT boxes and cases up and out of the way at any time, without the need for expensive racking and shelving systems. And if you regularly transport tools and equipment between jobsites, you can even install PACKOUT wall plates and hooks inside your service truck or van, and never have to worry about your tool boxes being tossed from one side of the vehicle to the other during transport.

You can even buy individual Milwaukee tool PACKOUT bins, battery hangars, and long-handled tool mounts to keep special items upright and available without having to just leave them laying around.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, with ever increasing numbers of tools and devices becoming more compact, the need for innovative modular tool boxes and storage solutions will continue to evolve. And fortunately, the world’s leading tool innovator is keenly aware of how important it is to develop tool storage solutions that can keep pace with that evolution.

The Milwaukee PACKOUT™ tool box system is the best of its kind because Milwaukee Tool understands that being modular means being compatible with everything that a user need to get the job done. The PACKOUT system enables users to get the most productive use out of the time they spend working, as well as getting prepared to work; and that’s the advantage that modular is intended to create.

Author: Christina Stone

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