Floating Relaxation: the Benefits of Zero Gravity Recliners

Although the term ‘zero gravity’ may sound like it’s taken out of a sci-fi movie, its use in recliner chairs can have significant benefits for your health. Unlike regular recliner chairs where your feet remain on the ground and the torso is leaned back, recliners with the zero gravity feature lift your feet up to a position that’s just above heart level. From enhancing your circulation and reducing ulcers to improving your lung function, there are quite a lot of reasons to consider investing in a zero gravity recliner. My personal favorite? Lafuma outdoor zero gravity recliner chairs.

Their sophisticated models use triple layer technology with breathable and permeable materials. These features are used to ensure the recliners are super comfortable to sit in, do not retain water, promote air circulation and are very quick to dry. But the advantages of Lafuma outdoor zero gravity recliner chairs don’t stop here.

Zero Gravity Recliners

Better Blood Circulation

Lifting your legs up will open up your veins’ valves and will improve blood circulation. When sitting in this chair, your heart will work with gravity as it will pump blood horizontally and not vertically. This increase in circulation will help oxygen to be delivered exactly where it needs to be delivered – faster. Also, ulcers and edema in legs tend to cause blood pooling and that can be very painful. For people who experience these problems, sitting in a Lafuma outdoor chair, breathing in the fresh air and having their bodies in a Zero Gravity position will help the prevention of blood pooling.

Good for Your Lungs

Since your body is one great and complex system, all of its components are related and interdependent. The lungs work very closely with the diaphragm and when your body is in a Zero Gravity position, the diaphragm enables the lungs to expand more than they can when you’re standing on your feet. The more they expand, the more oxygen enters your body, which is highly desirable.

Reduces Back pain

As you probably already know, your spine carries a very heavy load for the bigger part of your day. Gravity compresses the spine and if your posture is incorrect and your muscles are weak or imbalanced, this will consequently cause you back pain. Resting in a Zero Gravity recliner will take most of the pressure off your spine and it will allow it to decompress and elongate. This will help you feel relief and decrease the pain that you feel throughout the day.

Relaxes Your Muscles

When relaxing in the Lafuma outdoor Zero Gravity recliner, you’ll feel like your body is floating in the air. This great sensation, paired with the improved circulation and expanded lungs will result in the ultimate muscle relaxation and serenity.

Author: Christina Stone

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