Décor Accents and Tweaks to Give New Life to Your Bathroom

Bathrooms can be one of the most difficult rooms to decorate. They aren’t usually too big, and still, we need to place so many things in them. On top of that, they usually come with a lot of limitations because of piping, as well as architectural features. And while functionality is by far the most important factor to think about while designing a bathroom, aesthetics can be just as important. 

Create a Feature Wall with an Eye-Catching Wallpaper Design

floral wallpaper in bathroom
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Not many things can emphasise the beauty of your overall home décor, like a well-thought-out and strategically chosen feature wall. They are common features designers and homeowners use to make a place more impressive, add interest, and complete the entire visual composition of the space. And they aren’t only for bedrooms and living rooms.

There are many ways to create a feature wall in a bathroom, from choosing a solid colour that’s different from the rest of the walls, all the way to making something much more striking like covering a wall with a nice wallpaper design. Wallpapers have come a long way, not only in terms of incredibly diverse designs but also when it comes to choices of materials. Aside from the obvious benefits of using wallpaper for bathrooms, namely the cost, the ease of installation, and so on, wallpapers can give you an unparalleled opportunity to add uniqueness to your bathroom.

Moreover, today you can easily find a suitable bathroom wallpaper Australia wide that will satisfy your taste and the style of your bathroom. When we talk about bathroom wallpapers, we refer to wallcoverings made of materials that are not only water-resistant, but they are also stain-resistant and washable. In fact, some of these wallpapers are of such good quality, that you can choose to cover the entire bathroom with them.

For a feature wall in a bathroom most usually choose the wall against which either the vanity, the bath or the shower is placed, but other choices can look just as great. The visual effects that you can achieve with wallpapers are endless. In fact, when it comes to creating a stunning feature wall, nothing beats wallpapers. Because this solution is not only quite inexpensive and simple, but also you can find bathroom wallpaper designs that are art-like, meaning that you can basically display them as such.

Install a LED Mirror for Depth and Brightness

two led mirrors in bathroom
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Mirrors are crucial elements of every bathroom because a bathroom can’t be completely functional without one. However, these magical objects that have been fascinating humankind for centuries, are also one of the best decorative objects. As decorative elements, they can be used in any room, because of their ability to visually enlarge a space, and bring in more brightness to the room.

The designs of mirrors are very diverse. There are mirrored cabinets, there are mirrors in different sizes, shapes, etc. However, if you want a piece that will make a great accent, you can buy a led mirror. This adds even more brightness, which can be of great help when you are doing your morning routine while applying makeup or shaving, but also it will bring more interest and style with the beautiful contemporary minimalistic design.

Designers often place mirrors strategically to boost the style of the room to take advantage of the amazing decorative possibilities they can provide. In a bathroom typically there is a single mirror that’s placed above the basin, and while the placement is usually determined by the piping, there are still ways to make the most of it.

For even more glamour and spice, you can use the reflection of the mirror to your advantage. For instance, you can instal the beautiful bathroom wallpaper you have chosen on the wall perpendicular to the one against which the vanity and the mirror are placed, or you can instal it right opposite the mirror, thus emphasising the lovely design and enhancing the style of the place. Wall art, like art photography prints, placed opposite the mirror is also a great option.

While any mirror will add depth to your bathroom, a led mirror can take the aesthetics to a next level. The subtle lights will make it stand out in a truly beautiful way, for a contemporary vibe. Most importantly led mirrors are great accents that can instantly make any bathroom, regardless of its size look and feel luxurious.

Add Wall Art for More Joy and Class 

floral wall art hanging in bathroom
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To create a stylish bathroom, it’s key to take advantage of everything that goes into it. In other words, you should consider all of the elements as decorations. But choosing beautiful basins, showers or bathtubs, storage furniture, tiles etc. is not enough to achieve something luxurious and classy. One great way to make your bathroom even more aesthetically pleasing is to create décor accents, and nothing makes a better accent than a wall art on the feature wall, opposite the mirror, embellishing an empty space in larger bathrooms, etc.

Art is one of the things that make us special on this planet. It makes any space better, and it belongs everywhere. And when it comes to bathrooms, a wall art piece can help you create a Pinterest worthy décor. You can get lively art photography prints, posters or even paintings, or you can go for any type of wall decoration.

Even though the most common choice for a bathroom is something calm, you can also choose something dramatic. You can go for artistic or you can decide to go for laughs and choose something funny or otherwise interesting. It may be a single print, you can make it a triptych, or you can go for any type of display arrangement that you think enhances the beauty of the space.

Moreover, if you like the idea of displaying artwork in your bathroom, you can look for a bathroom wallpaper Australia wide that will be a great backdrop for the piece. Make sure that you go for something that won’t overwhelm the place, especially if you are decorating a smaller bathroom. Moreover, if enhancing the style is your motive for displaying art in your bathroom, you should make sure that the colours of the piece complement the overall décor.

Author: Christina Stone

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