LED Lighting: Brighten Up Your Home in Style

Thinking of switching to LED lighting as your main source of illumination? It wouldn’t come as a surprise if your answer is ‘Yes’, given the fact that LED lights can absolutely transform your home. Securing the proper lighting solution can instantly brighten up your living area and make it more inviting.

These days, if you take a closer look around you, there’s a very high chance you’ll spot LED lights used as decorations in more ways than one. Whether it’s store displays, coffee shops or even kitchen counters, people seem to be hopping on the LED lights trend without hesitation. And for good reasons too.

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What Is LED Lighting?

LED lights have been around for quite some time. But how much do you actually know about them?

LED lights (Light – Emitting Diodes) are the latest technological advancement in energy-efficient lighting. Research suggests that they can illuminate any space up to 90% more effectively than regular light bulbs. In doing so, they use less power and reduce your impact on the environment.

Forget about watts as an indicator of brightness when looking at LED lights because lumens is a much more accurate measurement. For reference, LED lights of about 1600 lumens are the equivalent to 100 watts of a regular, incandescent light bulb.

What’s more, you might want to be on the lookout for the Kelvin ratings on your lights before making a decision. Generally speaking, lights below 3000 Kelvins produce a softer, warmer glow as opposed to those with higher ratings that produce a cool, white light. It’s mainly a matter of personal preference here, there’s no right or wrong option. Pick one that best suits your taste and needs and you don’t worry about it too much.

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What Are the Advantages of LED Lighting?

The advantages to switching to LED lights are quite compelling, to say the least. We’ve listed just a few of their benefits for your consideration.

Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly

There’s a number of ways that LED lighting can be cost-efficient when it comes to saving energy and lowering your electricity bill. And sure, LED lights are a bit more expensive than incandescent ones but they’ll most definitely help you save money in the long run.

LED lights use fewer materials and produce less waste in comparison to regular incandescent bulbs and as such, reduce your overall carbon footprint on the environment. Leading a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle can be quite rewarding and fulfilling. In addition to this, LED lights have very little UV emissions and infrared light which can damage your stored goods.

LED Lights Have a Longer Life Span

Aren’t you tired of constantly changing your light bulbs? That happens way too often for all of us. Traditional bulbs can last from about 1 000 to 1 500 hours whereas LED fixtures can last up to a whopping 50 000 hours. Phew. What a difference. This is due to the fact that LED lights show a decrease in light production much more slowly than regular ones. There’s absolutely no doubt that this will have a tremendous effect on your maintenance and replacement costs.

LEDs Illuminate Almost Instantly

Just as you flick the switch, the lights are as bright as ever. This means that you don’t have to wait up for them to get going and reach their full brightness after a while as is the case with traditional lighting options. If by any chance, you’d like less radiance, you can easily control their shine by installing dimmers to play around with intensity.

Increased Safety And Health Benefits

We’re pretty sure most of us have touched an overheated light bulb at least once in our lives. This doesn’t seem shocking at all since old school bulbs convert about 90% of their energy into heat. The good news here is that LED lights produce almost no heat all while providing quality illumination and keeping you safe. This also means they can function properly even when plugged into low-voltage electrical systems.

There is also evidence that LED lights are quite beneficial when it comes to treating numerous skin conditions and deep tissue healing. We don’t need more convincing to switch to LED and we’re sure you don’t either.

How Can You Use LED Lights as Home Decor?

Thanks to it great design flexibility LED home lighting is the go-to option for many. There’s an endless number of ways you can arrange charming LED lights home decorations to suit your taste and preferences. We’ve rounded up a few options to consider before reaching a decision.

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Keep It Simple With Downlights

One great thing about downlights is how effortlessly simplistic they appear. They can easily blend in with all other aspects of home decor you already own. Their timeless and charming design makes them much less obtrusive than traditional lighting fixtures, giving you a lot more free space. They’re very practical since they’re low maintenance and they allow you to brighten up your rooms without putting in too much effort yet still looking fabulous. Taking into consideration that downlights produce the perfect directional light, you’ll undoubtedly have a well-lit and bright environment.

You can even play around with different coloured lights in different areas of your home for a more urban and eye-catching look. Don’t be too stiff when decorating, let your creativity run wild with LED lights home decorations and you’ll surely be surprised by the results.

Add a Twist With a Backlight Panel

If you want to add even illumination with a custom shape, then LED backlight panels can provide the perfect accent lighting. One of the most in-demand options is using backlit panels with mirrors in bathrooms or hallways to capture that futuristic design and embrace modernity. You can also use the panel to backlight literally anything – a shelf, a counter and even a wall as the focal point of your decor. They’re quite easy to install and are likely to serve your needs for quite some time.

Use LED Outdoor Lighting

Seeing as LED lights provide a much brighter and stronger alternative to traditional lighting, you might want to use it to decorate your outdoor areas as well. High-quality lighting makes the space more pleasant and welcoming for everyone and it contributes to increased safety too.

Author: Christina Stone

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