Diamond Grille Screen Door: The Stylish Security

One of the things I remember about my grandparents’ is their lovely home which seemed like heaven on earth and the words they used to tell me, using the lack of necessity to lock the doors as the indicator of how safe and simple life was in the good ol’ days. Indeed, generations of today, and future ones, won’t know life as it was back in my grandparents’ days, but I see the necessity nowadays to lock doors as an opportunity to enhance the home’s style.

Diamond Grille Security Screen

We may not always be aware of it, but doors have a rather aesthetic role apart from protecting our home, and that’s exactly what a diamond grille security screen provides. Having a fancy screen can make a grand impression on your visitors even before they enter your home.

Yes, the concept of this screen is anything but new, and there are much latest designs that take security to another level, but thanks to the use of upgraded technology, there are mesh options that offer just as much security as they do style.

Best thing of getting a diamond grille security screen? You can have one specifically tailored to your requirements, and measurements, manufactured from top notch materials like aluminium, upgraded to fibreglass mesh, pet (paw) proof, or midge mesh to keep creepy crawlies out of your home – something that is particularly in handy since most of us are no strangers to visits from all sorts of pests.

This means you have the freedom of having your door wide open, and still have the protection from insects. Having this opportunity also makes way for improved home ventilation, as you can let plenty of fresh air in, avoiding humid environment and a chance for mould and allergens to pile up, thus you can cut down on the energy consumption in summer as well, not needing to solely rely on the air conditioner.

Now, speaking in terms of security, there’s more to this screen door than meets the eye. Since it can be customised, the locking mechanism can be installed at the height you require, and you have the chance to get upgraded security by opting for a three point locking system instead of one, and an internal snib locking for fast exit for key-less fast exit.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the vast amount of colour choices you can choose from. Gone are the days when you only had two or three colours as the option, and every screen door looked basically the same.

Author: Christina Stone

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