It’s Pool Time: How to Keep Kids Safe and Entertained All Summer Long

Kids are bored and the temperatures are through the roof. What can you do to cool down on those long, hot summer days? Why not have some fun at the pool? Who would say no to that? The water seems so tempting, and kids just love splashing around and having the time of their lives.

Water stimulates all their senses and kids learn and develop through this sensory experience. It can help children soothe and even relieve stress. It’s a great way to be physically active, socialise by hanging around with their friends and create wonderful memories with their family.

Still, as nice as the water can be, it is also a safety hazard. Protecting the young ones in and around the pool is essential. To make it easier for you to focus on the fun and give you some peace of mind, we will go over some safety tips and, of course, plenty of ideas on entertaining kids.

Establish Some Ground Rules

When children feel comfortable around swimming pools, they build a lifelong appreciation of swimming and water fun, so the goal is to teach them basic rules without scaring them. You want them to be aware of the dangers and their actions, but not to avoid the water altogether. Talk to them in a straightforward way without being too restrictive. Set some guidelines like:

  1. Always check for people and objects before jumping/diving in.
  2. No diving head first at the shallow end.
  3. Swim in the sight of a responsible adult/ no swimming alone.
  4. Speak up if something doesn’t look/ feel right (if there’s an accident).
  5. No running or pushing on the pool deck.

Feel free to add any ideas of your own that relate to your situations. Make it a game for them and tap into their competitive spirit by seeing who can make it the longest without breaking any of the rules. With time, this game will instil a spirit of safety and responsibility in the kids and they will feel confident to enjoy themselves around water.

Swimming Vests

kid by the beach with swimming vests

Swimming vests are designed for the maximum safety of young children and can be used by the youngest ones, older bubs, and kids between 2 and 6. They should fit snugly around the child’s body. Most of them are adjustable for a customised fit, but you should still check the sizes carefully. They need to be comfortable, lightweight, and durable so the little ones can enjoy summer to the fullest.

Pool Inflatable Toys and Games

pool inflatables for kids

When it comes to the fun bit, the range of pool inflatables for kids is so diverse it seems never-ending. These water toys are so appealing that they make the adults join in the splashing as well. When you buy child’s play inflatables keep in mind that kids are very active and after lying on a raft for a few minutes they will get bored. Hence, getting them toys that will be entertaining for longer and keep them busy is a good idea. Here are some suggestions for pool inflatables for kids that you can buy:

• Slides – Is there anything more fun than some slip, slide and splash action? Get the ones that can withstand frequent climbing and jumping without puncturing.
• Rafts and loungers – Kids can ride them or relax on them, and you can borrow them sometimes.
• Rings and noodles – Use them as a swimming aid or to catch a breath from time to time.
• Inflatable balls – Well, there has to be a ball to chase around the pool.

Pool games are perfect for a group of children or the whole family. They are a sure way to keep everyone amused if you are having a pool party or just spending some time with your loved ones. Again, these are just a few from the wide selection at your disposal:

• Skim ‘N’ Hoop – Ideal for water polo, water basketball or football or skim ball challenges, hours of play.
• Tube Wars – Giant paddles and tubes for water battles.
• Pool Pong – Test your shooting skills and get a pong ball into one of the holes before the other team does.
• Pool Bopper – Bop the mates as they pop up, need I say more?
• Diving toys – Rings, streamers, and balls to duck and dive through, they will encourage confidence underwater.

Don’t forget to get an air pump. Those are too many inflatable pool toys to lose your breath. It is not only time-consuming, but it can make you light-headed. The pump also improves the floating time of the objects.

Final Points

Maybe not as much fun, but storing all the inflatable toys after a day at the pool is highly recommendable. They are eye-catching for small children and can lure them into the pool. They might try to reach out and get them when you are not looking.

When purchasing pool inflatables, check the recommended age and weight ranges as well as the instructions. Make sure there are no leaks before using them, and remember, they do not replace the need for adult supervision. You still need to keep an eye on the kids.

With all this in mind, the days by the pool will be full of giggles, play, and happy kids and adults. All that splashing, jumping, and mastering new skills through play is not only fun, but it’s also a learning experience too. Plus, all the strenuous and tiring activities in the water guarantee a good sleep at the end of the day and a relaxing, quiet time on that raft for you.

Author: Christina Stone

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