Why Working in a Warehouse Without Any Trolleys Would be a Pain in the Back

Jack Pallet
There is a lot to be said about manual labour and how it builds character, how it lets you move around instead of having to sit behind a desk all day, and how it lets you stay in shape without paying for overly pricey gym memberships that you never use. But let’s be honest and admit that most of it is agonizing, back-breaking work that can seriously injure you if you are not careful. While there are professions where dexterity and mechanical know-how are a much bigger factor than big muscles, when it comes to working at a place like a warehouse, you will need to either have a sturdy back or some pretty good health insurance.

Luckily, there has not been a need for workers to carry the items on their own backs like pack mules for a while now, or at least ever since jack pallet trucks started being widely implemented in warehouses. The jack pallet trucks are exactly what they sound like – a trolley that is designed to be used in tandem with the standard sized pallets that most items are placed on. They are meant for the easy lifting and moving of the pallets themselves and whatever product they hold. Essentially, they are the easiest and fastest method of transporting and properly storing whatever items the warehouse is meant to store. And later on, they are also the best way to bring that item out of storage when it needs to be prepared for shipping.

Warehouse with goods in boxes and trolleys for transportation of goods close-up

These pallet trucks have two long prongs at the front that are strong enough to reliably handle everything that weighs as little as a can of tuna and as much as a baby elephant. The wheels underneath are also quite durable and allow it to move effortlessly through the isles and between the storage shelving systems that most warehouses use. And finally, the handle at the back is meant to be used to steer with, as well as jack the pallet up so that it can be lifted with little to no effort from the worker operating the trolley.

While the virtues of this device are obvious, proper safety is paramount when operating it. While it may make warehouse work much easier and make the heaver objects feel as light as feathers, the operator should still be aware at all times that they are monstrously heavy and any misstep can lead to a nasty injury. However, if even the most basic safety measures are taken, then there shouldn’t be any issues whatsoever.

Author: Michael Hobbs

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