Push Your Vehicle to Its Limits with an Exhaust System

Every part and component of your truck has been carefully designed to provide efficient service in how your truck runs – from the intricate elements of the engine, to the compact nature of the electronics. The exhaust system is no different and it also plays a major role in the operation of your truck. However, exhausts are not always designed with performance and efficiency in mind, but rather with affordability.


If you’re an adrenaline junkie like myself, and have considered replacing your exhaust with a more performance-oriented exhaust system, then keep reading. In the article I’ll be talking about the benefits of replacing your stock exhaust with one of the pacemaker exhausts, which is one of Australia’s most popular brands of performance exhausts for trucks and utility vehicles.

Pacemaker exhausts ensure that your engine gets a superior air flow. Air flow is important as the gases that exit your exhaust and the oxygen that gets in your engine have to flow uninterrupted if you want your truck to perform to the best of its ability. The reason why you get a better air flow with a performance exhaust is because its pipes are larger in diameter. However, you still have to pick the right size to match your engine – if the pipes are too large, you still won’t be getting the most out of it.

Moreover, the pipes of performance exhausts are curved by using flexible rods in their construction. These rods are placed inside the pipes by using a technique called mandrel bending. They serve as a preventive measure against collapsing and keep the pipe diameter stable, not allowing restrictions. This is a unique way of manufacturing exhausts which ensures energy flow.

One of the most important things to bear in mind, is the materials the exhaust you buy is made from. Pacemaker exhausts are usually made of stainless steel, which is by far the best material for exhaust manufacturing. It’s extra durable and corrosion-resistant and will likely outlast your vehicle if you maintain it properly.

And lastly, performance exhausts can alter the way your vehicle sounds. Due to the nature of the combustion process, the sound of exhausts is very loud. This can be changed with a brand new aftermarket muffler, which works like a silencer. However, you don’t always have to opt for a muffler and can decide to not use one, which will make your truck sound beastly. Nevertheless, not having a muffler is highly inadvisable if your main driving routes are in the city or crowded areas, as it can be quite annoying for by-passers and other vehicles.

Author: Michael Hobbs

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