Essential Emergency Equipment for First Responders

Before listing all the needed medical equipment a fire responder needs, first, you need to understand what can a first responder do. A fire responder is more than just a person who has been trained for basic first aid. It’s someone who has completed a course, training in pre-hospital care for any kind of medical emergency situation. First responders can be employed as paramedics, firefighters, police officers, EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians), and so on. The job of all first responders is to protect and preserve the life of a person, as well as to keep and protect any evidence, property or even the environment.

What Is Emergency Equipment?

According to the law, emergency medical equipment is the one used in emergency and abnormal situations that require immediate action for the safety of all. There are several types of equipment used according to the situations, however, some of them are essential and good to have regardless of the emergency.

Trauma Shears

When time is short and the life of a patient is endangered, having shears in hand to cut their clothes and perform a life-saving medical service is paramount. Medical, or also known as trauma shears, are essential pieces of emergency equipment used on a daily basis by first responders. Taking this into account, the chosen medical shears need to be durable, sturdy and quality enough to withstand the daily use and exposure to blood and other substances. 

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When looking for the right shears, you should also look for ones with non-slip and serrated cutting edges, and ones that have larger handles so that everyone could use them in an emergency. You can choose from the many stainless steel options, or from the ones that are coated with titanium. This is done in order to improve the shears’ durability, sharpness and appearance. Varying in size and shape, finding the right pair of shears will be easy if you’re shopping from a supplier that is committed to providing first responders with equipment that meets the highest standards.

Some Other Trauma Supplies

Trauma supplies refer to any kind of supplies designed to stop or at least, slow down bleeding, as well as to seal off an area of penetrating trauma. Some of the most commonly used trauma supplies are chest seals the goal of which is to close sucking chest wounds and prevent air from entering the chest through an open injury. There are different types of chest seals, and some of them have vents that allow any trapped air in the chest to escape. 

Emergency bandages, on the other hand, are designed to staunch blood in a case of an emergency trauma injury. They can be used as pressure applicator, wound dressing supply, closure apparatus, and so on. Having both of these things at your disposal is essential in any type of emergency situation.

First Aid Kit

There are different types of first aid kits even when it comes to choosing one for first responders. The type of first aid kit first responders have depends on the contained products and on the purpose of the kit of course. Generally speaking, a first aid kit should contain bandages of all kinds, trauma shears, adhesive tape, sterile gauze pads, antacid, antiseptic agent, aspirin, loratadine, burn relief gel, exam gloves, emergency blanket, adherent dressing, paper tape, military trauma and haemorrhage dressing, etc. The list is long and the type of products contained in the first aid bag can depend from kit to kit.

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Being a first responder means saving and protecting the lives of many, but since first responders are constantly exposed to dangerous situations, being protected is crucial. In other words, the vehicles of first responders should also be stocked with personal protective equipment that they could wear when needed. Some of the most essential pieces that first responders should wear all the time are eye protection and face masks in order to stay protected from infections and any dangerous situations. Having reflective coats or vests is also needed, especially when working in roadside conditions at night.

When having all the needed medical equipment, first responders could easily do their job and be great at it. The thing you should know is that the more equipment they have, the better. When having all the needed things in hand (regardless of the situation), first responders will feel less pressure while feeling more prepared for what’s coming. The truth is that there are many other types of medical accessories that can aid first responders in more serious and dangerous emergency situations. The type of equipment they have would mainly depend on the emergency situation. However, being prepared at all times is the right thing to do.

Author: Michael Hobbs

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