When It’s Time For a Change: Homeware for Upgrading Your Interior

It doesn’t take too much to make your living room, your bedroom or your bathroom feel fresh. In your home, like in many things in life, even small changes can make huge difference. The good news is that you don’t need to spend heaps of money to liven up your house. Small changes with the things you already have or a few new house homewares can be just the breath of fresh air you are looking for.homewares


The furniture in your house will hopefully stay good for a long time. So, even though sometimes it has to be changed, of course you don’t need to buy new sofas simply because you feel a need for a change. Simply rearranging some things can do wonders for your living room and your bedroom.

Put the sofa in a different place, if the space allows for it, or change the place of your arm chair. Break some rules, add furniture from other rooms, or from the patio, and see what happens. The same goes for the bedroom.

If you are willing to spend a little bit, you can free up some space for a new smaller piece of furniture. Invest in an end table, a nightstand, a side table, new chair, or a liquor table.


Like with furniture, rearranging your decorations and artwork can give your space a new vibe. Change the places of some decorative accessories. Remove some, if you feel like it will make a difference. Play with your stuff, as if you were playing with a jigsaw puzzle. Find the right combination to create your image. Shop your house and find hidden treasures that you can display, or even move things from one room to another.

Furthermore, decor accessories are budget-friendlier. So, to help you with the upgrade, you can go to a homeware shop and treat yourself to some new stuff without digging a hole in your pocket.

Decorative items alone can play a huge role in the appearance of your rooms. Adding house homewares with matching or different colours than your other homeware items, bringing in new texture, patterns, height or geometrical diversity, are just some of the options you have.

Living room

Sometimes even the smallest thing, like a simple candle or a mirror put in the right place can help you achieve your goal.

Through decorative homewares, you can bring in new colour to your living room, or help accent an already existing one. You can use a vase or a pot in a complementing or contrasting colour to give your focus furniture some extra attention. It can be higher than your other accessories, or with a different shape or texture, to bring even more stylish sense to your living room.living room homewaresSet a centre piece on your coffee table, or your side table. Create a small display on the mantle, on a shelf, or on top of any furniture, with colours echoing furniture, accessories or something else entirely. These eye-catching centre pieces or displays can be made of anything. Candles, vases, mementos, bowls with decorative stones, or with colourful lollies, artwork, books etc.

Invest in a fancy crystal bottle and glasses and set them on top of your bar or liquor table, to add some luxurious touch to your living room. Put a nice patterned wallpaper that matches or contrasts the rest of your room, or a colourful mural. Play with the colours, the patterns and the sizes of your throw pillows. Invest in a nice rug. The options are endless.

Your living room can also be visually transformed with art. Whether it’s rearranging hanging arts, or rearranging sculptures, or adding a new art piece, if you have the option, go for it. Art is magical, and it will perform miracles for your living room.


There are many ways to upgrade the appearance of your bedroom, by just adding or changing some decorative elements.

Some toss pillows and a throw blanket will give you an opportunity to add colour to your bedroom. Play with colours, patterns and textures. By simply adding them, you can count on having a stylish, noticeably new look for your bedroom.bedroom decorationsMake a research about plants. Find plants that purify the air. Houseplants will add a feeling of vitality in your bedroom. And as a bonus, you can add some more layers to the colours of the room with the pots you choose for them.

Add some decorative items to your bedroom, and place them on your dresser or some other furniture, along with something meaningful to you, like photos or memorabilia. Change your lamps. Add some nice impactful wallpaper.

Lastly, create a focus point by using artwork. Hang a piece of art on the wall over the bed if you haven’t already. It’s preferable if the piece is larger, between 60-80% the width of the bed, to balance the look and make for a more impactful focus point.

Alternatively, instead of an art piece, you can hang a big clock, a big map, or hang a large nicely framed mirror, even if you already have another mirror in the room. A mirror will make your bedroom seem bigger. and bring in some more light. Aside from that, it can look really luxurious and can add style to your most personal room.


If you want to give your bathroom a little makeover, there are some obvious options, such as changing the soap dish or dispenser, the toothbrush holder, the toilet holder, the towel hangers, the bins etc. Besides these accessories, you could also change the tapware or the toilet handle, for a more noticeable change.bathroom decorationsBut just like with the living room and the bedroom, your bathroom style can benefit from some new decorative objects. They can further accent a colour with a vase, a plant pot, or a bowl, you can add a stylish tissue box or more mirrors, etc.

Author: Christina Stone

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