We All Love Photography: Capturing Our Dearest Memories

Some people would say that life is all about living in the present moment and experiencing all of the wonders our existence offers, but I must say that that’s not entirely true. Our life wouldn’t be as sweet and meaningful as it is if it wasn’t for every single one of our precious memories. They are the building materials we are made of; they are bits and pieces of our soul. So, remembering the events that have carved us into the persons we are today, as well as the highlights of our short journey through life is a way of remembering who we once were and who we have become.


When it comes to honouring our past, there is nothing easier and more beautiful than capturing our dearest moments with the help of one of humankind’s favourite inventions – the camera. Today, more than ever before, the art and practice of taking soulful photographs of both the ordinary and extraordinary joys we experience and witness is an activity millions of individuals deeply enjoy. That’s so because nowadays almost everyone has the opportunity to practise and experiment with different photography techniques, as today’s phones come with great cameras, and we all know that almost everyone owns one.

However, the ones who have photographed with a highly sophisticated digital camera never hesitate to reveal to their friends and relatives the information that there’s not one smartphone camera in the world that can offer the same excitement and produce the same quality photos as the ones of a nice DSLR camera. Yes, professional cameras are superior to phone cameras in many areas, which is why, despite the growing popularity of smartphone photography, they can still be found in every reputable physical and online camera store. Before you come to the false conclusion that digital cameras are products only professional photographers should buy, let me share with you why so many ‘regular people’ purchase them.


First of all, digital cameras usually have an optical zoom which is an element that uses the lens of the camera to bring the subject closer. On the other hand, smartphones have a digital zoom. This type of software-based zoom takes a central portion of the image and then enlarges it. This leads to pixelated photos, and nobody likes those, right? Furthermore, digital cameras beat smartphone ones in the field of sensors as well. Experts constantly remind us that the size of the camera sensor matters a lot, since larger sensors capture more light. We all know that high-tech manufacturers do not incorporate such sensors in the smartphones they sell, since most customers prefer thin and light phones. This is not the case with professional digital cameras, as their main and only purpose is to serve as a device for shooting photos and videos.


They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. That may be true, but only if the photo is taken with a modern digital camera. A well-established physical or online camera store is where you can find the right camera and camera accessories for you.

Author: Michael Hobbs

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