Visit Brazil and Argentina and Awaken Your Senses

If you want to have all your senses awaken, you can’t exclude travelling from your lifestyle. We all need a bit of adventure every once in a while, to steer us away from monotony, and a trip to South America is sure to be the trip of a lifetime. One can’t go to South America without paying Brazil and Argentina a visit as they’re the embodiment of everything that represents Latin culture; in other words they’re mandatory.

The hospitable locals, whose vibrant energy is sure to charm you when you see them singing and dancing samba and tango on the streets, the breathtaking nature and lively cities providing you with an experience you’d have plenty of stories to tell afterwards are reasons enough to include these countries in your plans.

Apart from getting to know something more about these two dream destinations, you can also take a look at the many tours to Brazil and Argentina, the different routes offered and decide which one best suits you in itinerary and price. What you can bet on is most of them cover up visiting the Cidade Maravilhosa, Rio de Janeiro, and La Reina Del Plata – Buenos Aires.

Though not the capital anymore since 1960, Rio de Janeiro is still the city where most tourists flock to see the main tourist attractions, starting from the iconic Cristo Redentor at the Corcovado and a trip to Pão de Açúcar in a cable car, seeing the city from above at 396 metres, then seeing the beautiful Baía de Guanabara, souvenir shops at Morro da Urca, the sandy beaches busy with the many beach volleyball enthusiasts, vendors with their bikinis and flip flops all over Ipanema, and of course the nutritious água de coco.


Locals usually pride on saying Brazil has three capitals: Brasília the official one, Rio the tourist one, and São Paulo the economy one. São Paulo is also the city where you can marvel at the many galleries, museums and graffiti, particularly at Vila Madalena’s Beco do Batman. When in Brazil, you must also visit some stadiums – their temples, as football sure is considered a religion in this country.

As part of the tours to Brazil and Argentina, experiencing Buenos Aires is also one of the top adventures. This city is rightfully called the Queen of the Plata region, as it’s cosmopolitan, has an ocean side, is the home of numerous tango schools, and has plazas with historic buildings, such as the Plaza de Mayo with its 19th century building, Casa Rosada, famous for its balcony where Eva Perón, the First Lady of Argentina, once stood addressing her people, a scene eternalised by the queen of pop music, Madonna, in the film Evita.

One can’t fully experience Buenos Aires if one doesn’t taste the mouthwatering desserts: pastelitos, churros and milhojas, or visit the grand Teatro Colón, with its gorgeous stage and 2.500 seats, the very one that the National Geographic named as the third best opera house in the world, the MALBA museum as the centre of Latin American art, and the worldwide famous bookshop El Ateneo Grand Splendid. Both Brazil and Argentina were endowed with natural treasures, so there’s plenty of natural beauty to marvel at.

The two countries share the majestic Iguazu Falls, the chain of hundreds of waterfalls with a size of nearly three kilometres. The national park these falls are in is mostly a rainforest that’s rich with many endemic flora and fauna species, so it’s a real biodiversity hotspot. Brazil has its Amazon and Pantanal, Argentina has its Patagonia, which means you have the opportunity to go climbing, trekking and cycling while immersing in nature, as well as experience some cowboy adventure in the central regions where gauchos reside. Visit these two countries, taste their various traditional meals, visit their city and nature attractions, be part of their cultural life, and you’re sure to be back looking for more.

Author: Christina Stone

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