Types of Barking Collars & How They Can Help You and Your Dog

I.The Purpose

The two main purposes of a barking collar are to control your dog’s behaviour and break its bad barking habits. Be mindful, though, barking collars are not a means for punishment, but rather a deterrent to negative or unsafe behaviour. Once your dog oversteps its boundaries it will fell a slightly uncomfortable jolt, sound or spray. In time, they will associate these with bad actions and will stop doing them altogether.

Another thing that makes dog bark collars a better option than other preventative measures is the fact that these can’t ever cause long-lasting physical harm to your pooch. These sounds, sprays and jolts are strong enough to get your dog’s attention but are safe enough to be administered as long as it is needed. So, let’s see the different types and how each works.

II.The Types

1.Static Barking Collars

This type is by far the most popular and most versatile on the market. They send a short pulse of static interruption to the dog once the collar detects excessive barking sessions. These can be found in different sizes, and you can surely find one for your dog, regardless of its breed. Another reason why these barking collars are in such high demand is that they come with different levels of intensity. You can adjust the strength of the sensation depending on your dog’s behaviour – lower levels for timid dogs and higher intensity levels for more stubborn ones. However, make sure that you aren’t stressing your furry friend.

2.Spray Barking Collars

This is a newer type, but quite popular nonetheless. Spray bark collars alarm your dog about its bad habit by emitting a tiny burst of spray near your dog’s snout. Most often this spray is scented with citronella or lemon. There are small sensors in the collar that detect the barking and initiate the spraying. The spray that is used in this type of bark collars is 100 % harmless for the dog, the owner and the environment, and quite often these collars are used as a training tool as well.

3.Ultrasonic Barking Collars

And lastly, the ultrasonic barking collars use high-pitched sounds in order to get the dog’s attention but are inaudible to humans. Some of these also come with a vibration stimulus for more effect. They have a special mechanism installed and placed against the dog’s throat. This mechanism sends out the sound and deters the barking.

Author: Michael Hobbs

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