The Use of Natural Skin Care Products: What Well-being is All About

I always argue with people who say technology has only brought about the bad stuff. Can you really complain when you have the possibility to get to do shopping without even stepping out of your home? Or can you blame it on the social networks for enabling us to stay in touch with loved ones all over the globe? Didn’t think so.

What I also love about technology is how close it helps us get to information we require. For instance, many of us feel motivated to make groundbreaking lifestyle changes, opting for healthy and organic food choices, and the different types of exercise.

When trying to do so myself, I came across information showing me it wasn’t enough. My realisation was that it also takes making changes in the products we use on a daily basis, which is why I ditched the chemicals and went for the natural skin care products. As I learned along the way, not everything you see among organic is in fact organic.

This taught me the lesson to pay attention to labels, looking only for ACO (Australian Certified Organic) products, that have a minimum of 95% certified organic ingredients (grown without toxic pesticides, and fertilisers), with the remaining 5 or so of not categorised antioxidants and minerals.

The natural skin care products I piled up on contain active vitamins, plant extracts, and pure essential oils. After buying my first rosehip oil with anti-ageing properties, I just kept on buying because not only do these products have a natural, lasting fragrance, that fills up my interior atmosphere so nicely, they also make my skin that much softer.

organic skin care products1

Products that aren’t organic don’t have this effect on my skin, and even worse – lead to pore clogging. Imagine how much they actually fill the body with toxins… That’s the kind of dirt that doesn’t come off with a simple wash, so it’s not surprising you don’t feel that well-being you thought you would even with food and exercise changes.

Sure, the more than commercialized skin products are more affordable than organic, but taking the effects of both into account, in the long run it’s much more of a valuable investment to buy organic – my skin is soft, rejuvenated, with a healthy glow, I feel healthy, what’s not to like? Need I mention it’s more eco-friendly too?

Besides, anytime I want to pamper myself, I use the bathroom as my spa, fill it up with some essential oil aromas, and enjoy my “me time” relaxing. So, on the question whether or not I’d recommend the use of natural skin care, the answer is none other than yes.

Author: Christina Stone

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