The Essential Motorcycle Tools to Stay Safe & Cool

Taking care of your motorcycle and performing regular maintenance check ups is more than important for your safety as well as for its optimal performance. While on the road, wearing protective gear and a sturdy helmet is a must as you want to keep yourself well protected. However, you also need to keep your motorcycle in its best possible shape so that you do not end up unpleasantly surprised in the middle of the fun on your next road trip. For that reason, having the right motorcycle tools to check it up and do some upfront part changes can help avoid on-road accidents and troubles. Let’s take a look at some of the must-have tools that riders need in order to keep their fast and loud “babes” running smoothly.

Motorcycle Tools

Motorcycle Stand

Since a lot of the maintenance tasks require the motorcycle to be elevated and kept upright, a bike stand should be first on your list of essential motorcycle tools. With its simple design yet strong construction, the spider bike stand enables you to completely lift your bike off the ground while keeping it securely locked in its elevated position. It makes tasks such as changing tyres or checking the oil much easier. After you’ve performed the needed maintenance task, the stand features a damper that will ensure your motorcycle is smoothly and safely lowered onto the ground.

Torque Wrench

To tighten any loose bolts on your motorcycle you’ll need a special torque wrench which is an essential repair tool that every rider should have in his tool kit. Every bike has specific torque settings for its bolts. To make sure you tighten them properly, choose a torque wrench that allows you to set the amount of torque that you are applying on each bolt.

Tyre Changer

Having a flat tyre while on the road can be a real fun breaker. So to avoid dealing with this daunting task, it would be best to check and change your tyres if needed before you embark on your adventure. To do this efficiently you’ll need tyre changers. These are manual tools that are very simple to use and work best when positioned securely on a solid surface.

Tyre Pressure Gauge

Having tyres that are properly inflated can make a significant difference in terms of your motorcycle’s performance and safety. A tyre pressure gauge is a must-have tool if you want to ensure you’ll have a proper tyre pressure at all times. There are two standard models of pressure gauges – analogue and digital – both offer accurate readings. Regardless of the model you choose, make sure it features a hose that functions as a divider between the air nozzle and the gauge itself as this will allow you to easily reach the air nozzle of your tyres.

Author: Michael Hobbs

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