The Dreamer’s Corner – How to Choose an Air Bed for Your Camping Adventures

While the thought of camping and sleeping under the starry sky in just a sleeping bag seems idyllic, anyone who has done it knows how this seemingly perfect scenario ends up. You wake up all groggy and with a sore back the next morning, after spending a restless night of turning and tossing, wishing you weren’t that much romantic about this thing. So, to save yourself the troubles and the love for camping, your safest bet is to buy a comfortable air bed single or double – depending on your needs.

What you should look for in an air bed single or double mattress will depend on your priorities and preferences. If support and comfort are your main concerns, get a heavier bed that is made of thicker materials, one that is more durable and ultimately more comfortable. This is the ideal choice for people who usually camp close to their home or have young kids. If you plan on carrying your air mattress while hiking, however, by all means, look for a lightweight air bed that is extremely portable and packable. These are made of more lightweight materials and are much more convenient.air bed single

Furthermore, you should also consider whether you want to buy an air mattress that has a pump or not. If yes, then what kind of pump – hand/foot-powered, battery powered, or an electric one? At first, it might seem like a no-brainer to choose an electric-powered mattress because it does all the work for you. However, you first need to consider how far you’d need to walk to your camping site. Most people drive most of the way, but even if so, if you have a mile to hike to your destination, then consider some other kind of pump.

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The ideal choice is to get an air bed that inflates with its own built-in electric air pump and also has an additional standard blow valve that you can use with an external pump in cases when you have no power available. A quick note – when you shop for pumps, you will realize that websites usually refer to a pump as having a DC or an AC plugin. To make things clear – this refers to whether the pump plugs into the wall or it plugs to the car. AC is meant for wall outlets, while DC is adapted for a 12-volt car outlet. Consider your needs first and shop around to find the perfect air bed that will be your best ally in all your camping adventures.

Author: Michael Hobbs

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