Spruce Up Your Home Design with Industrial Furniture

It isn’t easy to choose furniture in today’s world, with so many styles, qualities, materials, designs and so on. Nevertheless, what you choose is crucial for the overall look of your home. While everything that you put in your room affects the style, nothing determines it as much as the pieces of furniture, whether they are large or small. As a matter of fact, they are the elements that play the main role in your interior design composition and will define the entire style.

It’s not solely about function anymore, selecting furniture nowadays is almost like choosing an art piece. These elements are something that will hopefully be a part of your home for a long time, and not only should they be practical and convenient, but they should also elevate the aesthetical value of the space, just like art would.

Add Industrial Style Furniture

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Depending on what you are trying to achieve, there are many types of contemporary furniture you can choose from. But one of the most interesting interior design styles that have been gaining popularity once again in the last years is industrial design. Inspired by large industrial spaces like factories and workshops, industrial style is characterised by a timeworn and bare effect, with exposed and raw elements, stripped back of unnecessary embellishments and finishes.

When we think about industrial interior design style we usually think of big lofts with oversized windows, exposed brick and metal pipes. Nevertheless, nowadays interior designers and homeowners alike love to mix and match different styles characterised with minimalism to get the vibe they are looking for. In other words, you can take what you like from the industrial style furniture and easily combine it with pieces of other furniture designs, including Scandinavian, mid-century modern, Bauhaus, Coastal etc.

Create a Unique Blend of Industrial Furniture with Other Styles

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Industrial furniture consists of pieces made of bare wood, concrete, unfinished metal, stone, leather, etc. Many designs nowadays include pieces of furniture in this style in different settings. If they have a living and dining room combination, homeowners may decide to use industrial dining tables made of wood and metal, concrete and metal, stone, concrete etc, and yet, if they don’t like industrial-looking sofas with dark brown leather, concrete benches etc., they can mix in a piece of some other type of contemporary furniture in lighter neutral colours or even something more vivid for the sitting area of the room.

As a matter of fact, with their simplicity, as one of the most interesting pieces in the style, unadorned industrial dining tables can represent a statement piece, an almost art-like contemporary element that allows being combined with almost any style or colour. You can use them as an accent piece that stands out for a striking effect, you can use them to create a balance and tie the rest of the elements together, and so on.

Industrial and Scandi

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One of the easiest styles to mix with industrial furniture, whether it’s a modern industrial style dining table, a bench, chairs, sofas, or industrial decorations is Scandi. Because both are quite neutral and simple, both avoid unnecessary details, both accentuate functionality, both provide openness, both need a lot of light, they can work in perfect harmony. Nevertheless, they can also provide a perfect contrast for more interest.

This is because while one is more about basic geometrical shapes, softness, smoothness, the other one is more about the unfinished natural look of the materials and roughness; While one always feels current, the other one sometimes feels modern, but other times rustic; Ans qhile one creates a feeling of warmth with its colours and materials, the other one can reflect the coldness of an industrial space.

If you want to mix these two styles, you should try to think outside of the box, look for surprising effects, play with materials, colours, shapes and texture and experiment fearlessly. Try to place unfinished metal lighting fixtures in industrial style, over sophisticated furniture pieces like plush sofas with tactile fabrics and clear, smooth lines. Or go for an industrial dining table and place Scandinavian dining chairs or stools around it. Or decorate an industrial style sitting area with Scandi decorative elements.

Industrial and Coastal

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If you are in for something livelier, you can also mix even warmer styles, like coastal style with industrial style. You can add industrial furniture in a beach style setting, or you can mix in some beach style elements in an industrial-looking setting. While the only obvious common thing these two styles have in common is their airiness, their contrast can make them look beautiful together.

The breeziness of beach design style can get the perfect amount of edginess with a couple of industrial touches. The beach style with its colours, floaty fabrics, comfortable furniture, and has a certain lightness about it. So, the bare, exposed materials used in industrial style elements, their minimalism, their dark colours and their coldness, can add the perfect balance, and add more interest, style and sophistication.

Author: Christina Stone

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