Self-Watering Planters: Enrich Your Lifestyle with Plants and Say Goodbye to Watering Chores

Every so often, it’s natural to start feeling in need of fresh air since most of us work in enclosed spaces day in and day out. You finish work, and you get stuck in traffic on your way back, then once you finally get on the go you reach home and spend more time surrounded by walls. Though it’s recommended to be out in nature as much as possible, you won’t always have the chance. Rarely does anyone have the much needed leisure time for trips to the countryside or the mountain hills and adventures in the great outdoors thanks to the change in daily schedules due to technology. Simply put, we’re all turning into some sort of workaholics.


The best way to be in the company of nature is by making way for it in your home. With all the ideas about gardening nowadays, you don’t have to worry about spacial restrictions because you can create a tiny garden anywhere, even in the middle of your kitchen and grow your own herbs and vegetables. This means it’s your way of having control over the kinds of ingredients that find their place in your meals and opt for organic seeds. The longevity of your plants is also connected with the soil, so there are plenty of chemical-free options that can make it to your shopping cart when you want to buy potting mix  of quality to ensure proper growth. Optimal outcome includes checking the soil moisture, so next time you have to water your plant self watering planters might just be the help you need.


The purchase you make regarding planters is really essential. As previously mentioned, time may not always be on your side, so having plants as part of your daily tasks won’t be all that pleasing when you think of the watering requirements you’d have to take care of. Tending to plants’ needs is somewhat like tending to pets’ needs which means providing them with enough water is just as essential as providing light and nutrients. If you don’t want to find yourself in the situation of forgetting how often you’ve watered them (you surely will eventually) and either kill them by drying or drowning them, you have to pay more attention to the choice of planters you make. When you want the best for your plant self watering planters can be the ace up your sleeve for your success in gardening as they are tailored to meet the needs of the urban gardeners.

These planters require low maintenance and will actually do the work for you in keeping the right amount of soil humidity. Consisting of a built-in reservoir, all you have to do is fill it up whenever you see the water level is low through the indicator and you’re done. If your space allows it, you can connect more self-watering planters through their connector hoses and divide the interior with greenery. Prepare to be amazed!

Author: Christina Stone

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