Leather, Suede & Nubuck Shoes: What Sets Them Apart?

Once colder weather arrives, protecting your feet is paramount. There are lots of shoes online and physical stores offer, but the key is to find the right material for the right weather conditions. For instance, no matter how appealing suede shoes are, they are not appropriate for wet and rainy weather conditions. So, what’s the best material for shoes during colder weather conditions? Without a doubt, leather, suede and nubuck are among the most durable and popular materials. They all have their pros and cons that render them more or less appropriate for different things.

Full Grain Leather Shoes

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Leather is one of the oldest and most commonly material for shoes. These shoes are made of a high-quality and undamaged hide which makes them extremely durable and resistant to all weather conditions. This material is derived from the outside part of the animal’s hide, right below its hair which is considered extremely quality. Full grain leather is quite thick and has tight porous nature, thus preventing moisture retention. In other words, shoes made of such leather are one-of-a-kind as they can be worn during any weather conditions (depending on the model). Full-grain leather shoes are among the most expensive ones you can find in stores. However, there are many other leather types that can still provide your feet with the needed protection without compromising on the style.

Suede Leather Shoes

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Suede is also a type of leather, only a little bit different – it’s napped. After being woven, the leather goes through a wash after which it is trimmed to get the finished look. When compared to smooth leather, suede is softer and luxurious looking, but it can actually give a bit of a casual vibe to your outfits. Although this material can get wet easily, it is ideal for footwear of any kind as it provides maximum protection and warmth. Additionally, because of its softness, the appearance of blisters will be reduced as well as of any discomfort you might be feeling when wearing new smooth leather shoes. Shoes and boots of this kind can be worn both on elegant and more casual occasions and they are the perfect option for work.

When looking for such shoes online is the ideal place to shop, as the choices and prices are unbeatable while sparing you the need to go through the crowd. What’s more, you can compare different suede shoe models at the same time. Suede loafers, boots, trainers and formal shoes are some of the types from which you can choose.

Nubuck Shoes

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Nubuck is a type of suede leather that is usually made of calfskin, just like suede. It can also be made from a sheep hide, goat and deer. Although quite similar on the outside, nubuck and suede leathers are made differently. While suede is sanded from the inside, nubuck is sanded from the outside. In comparison, nubuck shoes are more expensive than suede as the outer skin layer is always tougher than the inside. However, a lot of people prefer suede footwear as there are no apparent natural imperfections of the leather which is the case with nubuck footwear. Achieving smooth and cleaner shoes is not possible if you opt for nubuck shoes.

Care and Maintenance

How to Clean Leather Shoes?

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Smooth leather shoes should be cleaned with a soft brush in order to remove any dirt and debris after which you can apply a moisturiser of any kind or special shoe polish. You can do this with the help of a clean cloth by gently applying throughout the shoes. If there are some kind of spots or stubborn stains on the leather, you can clean them with a mild soap wash or a special leather cleaner. When done, let the shoes to air dry after which you can proceed with moisturising them.

How to Soften Leather Shoes?

The easiest way to soften leather shoes is by wearing them indoors with thicker socks. If this doesn’t help, you can try heating them for a few seconds in certain areas. Do not worry, this will help stretch the shoes without damaging them, but if you are too scared to try this, you can always use a stretching spray or simply apply oil on the outside of the shoes. You can also invest in shoe stretchers which are great for softening leather shoes and boots. They should be placed inside the shoes – leave them in place for 24 hours. If you decide to buy shoes stretchers, keep in mind that there are different types and sizes, so it’s vital to first understand them.

How to Clean Suede Shoes?

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Maintaining your suede and nubuck shoes doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, cleaning such shoes is a pretty easy and simple process that requires only a few tools – a soft brush, a wet cloth and a special cleaner. You can start by gently brushing off any dirt and debris from the shoes. If there are any mud or salt stains, you can hold the shoes a few centimetres above a spout of a steaming tea kettle for a few seconds. Once done, just brush up the shoes and leave them to air dry. You can also use a special suede and nubuck foam cleaner to keep them in tip-top condition.

Author: Christina Stone

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