Practical Kitchen Utensils That Add Beauty to the Heart of Your Home

We all know the kitchen is the heart of the home. But sometimes, it’s not exactly the room we’re proud of the most. Since the kitchen is mostly used exclusively by ourselves, we tend to pick kitchen utensils that are cheap and simple, and rather boring to be honest.

So, when it’s time to throw a dinner party, we get anxious whenever guests get anywhere near the kitchen. If your friends are like mine, I’m sure they are very thoughtful (and very snoopy) and will want to come in and help you serve. When that happens, a gorgeous set of kitchen utensils can save you from embarrassment. Even if your cooking skills are not one to make Martha Stewart proud, at least the kitchen utensils will surely leave a great lasting impression.


Truth is, great utensils are not only helpful when preparing the food, but they can also affect how it tastes. Us humans are visual creatures, and fancy eating utensils can make for a fancy dining experience. And it doesn’t have to be super expensive silverware either. There’s a variety of kitchen utensils made of sleek and affordable materials, like for instance stainless steel or even resin which is unbelievably practical, lightweight, and can come in stunning colours that make your table sparkle.

But be careful though. It won’t matter how beautiful your flatware and cutlery is if it’s not able to properly do its job. When it comes to tableware, all knives must be sharp, the forks must stab and even pierce, a spoon should be large enough to scoop, and all plates should fit the food that’s served. After all, if your guests have trouble eating the food, chances are they’ll be irritated. And when it comes to cooking, be careful that you use metal utensils only on non-coated pots and pans as they can render everything with a Teflon coating unusable. In this case, use silicone or wooden spatulas and spoons.

As opposed to stainless steel, silicone and wooden kitchen tools are much cheaper. However, they do have their disadvantages though. In general, it’s best to have a mix of utensils made from different materials that you can use for different tasks. No knife can cut better than a stainless steel one, wooden spoons are the best when it comes to stirring, and silicone spatulas are very soft and gentle as to not damage your expensive non-stick pans.

All things considered, invest time and effort into gathering your kitchen arsenal. You don’t need to spend money on every single type of knife and fork out there. What you do need is something practical and beautiful enough that you’d be proud to show off to anyone that may come into your kitchen.

Author: Christina Stone

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