7 Things To Consider Before Buying Test Equipment

Whether you are an engineer or a manufacturer, you need to take advantage of the newest technology so your final product or service is flawless. The most commonly sought after technology is the test equipment. For that reason, the market is overflown with different types, brands with different pricing and that makes choosing a reliable and affordable test equipment a bit difficult. However, in this article, we will go through the seven things you need to know before you choose the right test equipment.


  1. What are You Going to Measure?
    Line speed, product PH, moisture levels or thickness? Well, it could be all of the above or even more, however, keep in mind that a multi-functional test instrument could never be as efficient as the equipment that is especially built to do one specific thing.
  2. Can the Speed of the Test Interfere with Productivity?
    Tests can last for as little as half a minute up to 20 minutes or more. Depending on your manufacturing process, you should consider whether you are going to need the fastest option. For example, if you need to manufacturer items faster so they can go into another line, buying a slow testing equipment will interfere with your productivity and in the end, it will cost you additional money. However, if laws and safety standards demand it, there is no other choice.
  3. Check the MTBF (mean time between failures)
    If you think you have found the perfect testing tools, yet they are too fragile, you will have a lot of downtime, so looking into the durability of the test equipment is of vital importance.
  4. Plan the Preventive Maintenance Schedule
    Ideally, you wouldn’t need to do this, but if for some reason you experience a malfunctioning you must create a schedule so the productivity damage is controlled.
  5. More Expensive Test Equipment Can be Worthwhile
    More often than not, the price can speak volumes regarding the quality and durability of the product. Also, when it comes to branded products, finding a maintance service is way easier than when the product is from a less known brand.
  6. Get the Best Warranty Possible
    When you integrate testing equipment in your bussiness, you have to make sure you are dealing with a retailer that can provide you with the repairing services directly on the line if something goes wrong. It would create a big difference regarding how long will the instrument be malfunctioning.
  7. Make Sure Spare Parts Don’t Break Your Bank
    Additionally, retailers should provide you with all the costs for repairing in writing beforehand. This is to help you ensure that if some part of the machine dies, the spare part will cost you an amount you can afford. Sometimes, manufacturers overinflate the price of spare parts, and the only way to protect yourself from that is to strike a deal before you purchase the equipment.

Bonus Tip: Whether you’re buying from a famous brand or not, you need to read some reviews online, especially those from the product’s website or forums where the topic is being discussed and see if other people are satisfied with using the piece of equipment you are considering.

Author: Michael Hobbs

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