Outdoor Lounge Furniture: Embrace the Full Swing of Spring

With spring slowly kicking into high gear, there is no better time to feel the wonders of the outdoors, create a small oasis in your yard and enjoy the flamboyant colours of blooming flowers. It really doesn’t take much to create your small piece of paradise – all you need is a quality outdoor lounge furniture, mastering some delicious recipes for unforgettable dinner parties, and of course, the will to organize everything. However, buying outdoor lounge furniture (if you don’t already own one) that will be just perfect for your needs requires some thoughtful considerations. Let’s take a look at some.

outdoor lounge furniture

One of the main things you need to consider is the available space you have as well as the amount of people you plan on accomodating on your outdoor lounge furniture. You do want your guests to feel nice and have enough space to comfortably wine and dine, right?

Once you’ve figured out the space capacity, you need to think about the material of the frame the furniture will be made from. Aluminium is highly recommended because it’s rust-resistant, extremely durable and can easily withstand severe weather conditions like winds and rain. Iron, steel and wood are also an option, however they typically require more maintenance. Wood in particular is not very resistant to nature’s elements and it can be easily affected by bugs, so think twice whether you want to go with it.

Next come the seating cushions which can add extra comfort to the seating set. Seating cushions can be either feather or foam filled. Feather filled ones are relatively more expensive but are much softer. Foam filled cushions are firmer and can offer better back support. However, the comfort is not the only thing to think about – the covers also need to be moisture resistant. People sweat more during the spring and summer, and you want to avoid having sweat stains left on your cushions.

Besides the materials the furniture is made of, you want to think about the style as well. You can combine multiple colours, like a black frame with beige covered cushions, or the classic combination of black and white with a bit of red detail.

Most importantly, if you want to save some money, shop now while summer is not in full bloom yet, and look to buy some on-sale furniture. Buying multiple pieces of furniture from the same store can potentially get you a significant discount.

Author: Michael Hobbs

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