The Most Popular Exotic Plants You Can Grow at Home

Have you ever thought about turning a part of your outdoor area or even indoor space into a tropical haven?! If not, perhaps you weren’t aware that you can achieve exactly that with the help of a few tropical plants. Except for being extremely appealing, exotic plants are very easy to grow and they can thrive in different temperatures, and some of them can even survive freezing temperatures like succulents, for example.

According to horticulturists, the key to growing exotic plants is to choose the right ones for your climate and follow the guidelines for their care. However, the nursery you choose also matters, as you probably don’t want to get scammed, especially if you are new to this. The chosen nursery and its staff should be able to give you solid advice when it comes to the choosing and growing such plants and should deliver them in a proper storage box safe and sound. With that being said, let’s go through the most popular types of tropical plants you can grow.


The Ficus family contains hundreds of varieties and species which gives you the chance to choose the right type, shape and size of Ficus plant for your home. Depending on the type, Ficus plants can get quite huge, so the one you choose should mainly depend on both your personal taste and available place. Simply put, when in fruition, they can develop huge lush and green leaves with high gloss that can add instant colour to your home. Keep in mind that Ficus plants thrive best in warmer places and they require regular misting to maintain their humidity.

Palm Trees

A tropical inspired area would not be complete if it doesn’t include at least one palm tree. Palm trees are also available in a range of varieties differing in size and type of leaves which in fact, gives you the opportunity to choose the ones you like the most. What’s more, palm trees are pretty easy to grow indoors as they don’t require some kind of special care. Just make sure you find out what is the needed amount of water and fertilizer for your precise type when making the purchase.


Also known as umbrella plants, the Schefflera plants are in fact like trees or shrubs with woody stems and lots of green and glossy leaves. Depending on the type, they can grow from 4 – 20 metres tall and are best suited for room corners as they can add interest to any space.

Author: Christina Stone

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