The Impressive Benefits of Commercial LED Lighting

When it comes to lighting a commercial space, there’s no room for errors – you have to do it right! The way your space is lit will have an impact both on your employees and clients. A well-lit environment can make workers more productive and help prevent workplace accidents. And obviously, lighting can make the space more appealing and cause customers to feel more welcome and comfortable.

In addition to choosing lighting that makes the space attractive and functional, as a business, you also need to consider other factors. As commercial bulbs are on longer than residential ones, they can also drain a lot of energy and deteriorate much faster. So, you also need to make sure the lighting you pick is energy-efficient and durable. And taking all of this into account, one type of lighting is often the best choice for most commercial spaces – LED. Let’s see which are the biggest advantages of commercial LED lighting.


High Energy Efficiency

Low energy consumption is often considered the biggest advantage of commercial LED lighting. Compared to other lighting options, LEDs are 70% – 85% more efficient. In addition, the switch to LED lighting can also reduce other energy expenditures in your establishment, like for instance air conditioning costs. Since LEDs give off less heat, they won’t heat up the space and as a result, the air conditioning system won’t need to work as hard. As you can see, with LEDs you can expect a dramatic decrease in energy costs.


In a large commercial space, there can be tens to hundreds of bulbs. And these bulbs aren’t very durable, it can get frustrating having to replace them all the time. But if you outfit your space with commercial LED lighting, you will rarely have to bother replacing them. A standard LED bulb has an average lifespan of 60 000 hours of runtime. To illustrate, this is 10 times more than fluorescent lights and a lot more than incandescent bulbs which can only last up to 1 500 hours. So, although LEDs are definitely more expensive than other lighting options, you can expect a high return of investment. Factor in the high energy efficiency, and with LED lights you can get a 12-15 times higher return investment than the initial cost.


Whatever your business’ needs are, there’s a suitable LED solution. As opposed to other forms of lighting, LEDs come in a wider spectrum of colour temperatures. From 2 200K cool white to 5 500K warm white, LEDs can suit every type of commercial environment. Plus, many LED fittings are also dimmable, which makes them a great option for decorative and mood lighting. In addition, LED bulbs can be built to be very small and fit in spaces where other bulbs aren’t able to fit. A good example of this are LED recessed lights and strip lights.

Author: Christina Stone

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